I attended high school in Oklahoma, leaving for college in 2018. When I was in 8th grade, I was in an English class taught by Mrs T. She was a lovely lady really, quite thickset and not that tall. She usually wore beige or brown skirt suits that kind of went with her mousey brown hair. Normally, I was well-behaved, especially in her classes because she made things sound interesting and I really liked her.

One day, though, I was in a kind of mischievous mood and concentrating on the lesson wasn’t high on my agenda. I fooled around a bit, made dumb comments to fellow students, passed a couple of jokey notes and so on. Mrs T told me to mind my behavior several times and I knew I was getting on her nerves. Even a couple of the other students began getting tetchy with me.

Then I laughed at something Mrs T said, although I knew it wasn’t meant to be funny. I can’t remember what it was now, but I immediately knew I’d gone that one step too far.

She reacted by sliding her chair sideways while still sitting on it until she was in a clear area to one side of her desk. Then she called me out front. I was clearly in big trouble and didn’t really query why she’d moved her chair like that. Yes, I got I could now see her entirely without her desk in the way, but so what? I was expecting a slip to take along to the vice-principal where I would likely get my butt paddled, and I was certainly not looking forward to that, no matter how much I knew I deserved it.

I stood facing her as she looked up at me. I could hear some of my fellow students making fun at my expense, because they were as sure as me that I’d soon be paying that visit to the VP’s office. Then Mrs T told me to go stand by her side. I thought nothing of it, so did as she said.

She then gave me a choice. I could have my transgressions dealt with there and then, or I could take a slip along to the VP. Now, the VP she would send me to was known for not messing when he spanked students, although I had never been spanked by him. I knew all about his reputation though. So, the alternative, even though I didn’t actually know what the alternative meant, had a deal of merit. I was also a little curious what she had in mind, so I said I’d prefer to avoid visiting with the VP if that could be avoided. I could tell from the look in her eye that we both knew what I’d get if she did send me there, and she would have known a paddling, even if it was just three swats, would be very frightening for me.

She asked me again if I wanted things sorted out here and now. I replied yes, and noticed a kind of glint in her eye that was almost teasing me. I began to think she was going to tell me to do some dumb thing in front of the class, like clean the floor with a toothbrush or something, anything that would be very humiliating; her way of getting even, I guess. But, I kind of owed her that, so I knew I would go along with it.

Then, she completely took me by surprise. First, she took me by the hand. Then she began pulling me forward until my legs collided with hers and there was nowhere further forward I could go. I found myself leaning over her lap and going slowly downward, at which point I began to realize where she was going with this. She seemed to want me to go down across her lap, butt upwards.

I resisted at first, but she kept tension on my arm and I knew I had to go along with her or force my way back upright, in effect telling her I refused to take a spanking from her. At the time, it was a warm day and I was wearing quite thin cotton shorts, pale blue, I think. The VP’s wooden paddle on my behind would inevitably be very painful. Mrs T didn’t have any kind of paddle, at least not on show, so I presumed she was meaning to use the flat of her hand.

At that moment, her face was quite close to mine, and I looked at her. She still had that teasing, half-smile look, and I think she knew I was mentally making a decision about whether to take her rather mother-like spanking or go for the paddle. I opted for her brand of retribution, which I confirmed by laying myself across her lap and just touching the floor in front of me with my fingertips. She immediately held me in place with her right hand firmly placed on my backside.

Of course, every student in that class, about twenty-four in number, a fifty-fifty mix of boys and girls, now knew what was going to happen next. There were gasps, muted cheers, even a few ‘oh my gods’, yet somehow I wasn’t as embarrassed as I would have been had I been handed a slip to take to the VP, and Mrs T seemed content to let them be while she dealt with me. I guess me lying across her lap like that was as good a warning as any for them to mind their behavior.

I could feel Mrs T tugging my shorts up a little so they were tighter, and then smoothing the thin cotton across my behind. I was ok with her doing that, and I took the opportunity to look up at the other students. I could see them all watching Mrs T’s actions with my shorts. The fascinated looks on their faces was quite a picture.

Mrs T then leaned her head down and whispered in my ear, asking whether I wanted to get this done now. I wasn’t exactly uncomfortable lying across her fleshy thighs, but the novelty of being the center of attention was passing, so I told her to go ahead.

Thankfully, Mrs T didn’t spank me that hard, although I reckon she gave me between forty and fifty spanks. She has small hands, so each spank didn’t cover a large area, but I got enough that my behind felt kind of sore at the end, and a few were sharp enough to sting.

At the end, Mrs T let me up and I went back to my desk. The whole class was smiling, and I kind of smiled back in a sheepish kind of way. There was little more than ten minutes left until lunch, so Mrs T just rounded things off and set us some homework.

During lunch, I had to fend off so many dumb questions. A couple of my friends helped me to discourage the other students. I certainly never fooled around in Mrs T’s class ever again.