The Mason Pearson Hairbrush Once you reach a certain age, getting a spanking is pretty humiliating. My most humiliating spanking by far was when I was 18 years old. I went to a women’s college in the northeast of England back in the 1960s when female students had a curfew. The men didn’t! We had to be back at the dormitory by a certain time and sign in. The 1960s were a fun time to be young, so I of course ignored my curfew many times and received a talking-to several times in the dormitory mother’s office, but I didn’t care. What I didn’t

I too was spanked by my sorority in college. While I must admit that I doubt the authenticity of some of the spanking memories, I can tell you that the recent sorority posts I have read definitely ring true. I was in a sorority in the 1980s and there was a lot of spanking. I think every new freshman pledge was spanked at least once during pledge week, not hard enough to hurt all that much; I think humiliation was the main goal. I remember my first punishment after I did not complete a task to a big sister’s liking and

I was in college in the northeast in the late 1960s, and in the sorority I was a member of there was a lot of spanking. I’m not sure if it’s because women in those days were not allowed to openly express their sexuality, or if it was just a way of getting girls to submit to the sorority, but spankings and other humiliating punishments like nudity were commonly meted out. Like your other contributors, I won’t mention the college or the sorority’s name. During rush period, which is when girls pledge to join the sorority, spankings could be administered for any

I had a dream about this last night for some reason. I hadn’t thought about it in years. This happened around the late fall of my junior year in high school. I’d just turned 17 the month before. We lived in a northern part of New England, where I grew up. Both of my parents were very conservative, religious types. My father in particular. I attended a private boys school in the area. It was fairly standard for schools of that type in the area. We wore uniforms, adhered to a strict dress code and the like. Everything was very regimented, structured and strict. I wasn’t one of the

My family live in Hastings, England. Three summers ago, my mum remarried and went on a 2 month round the world cruise with Geoff, her new husband. Rather than risk leaving a 17, almost 18, year-old home alone, she packed me off to ‘aunty’ Janet. She isn’t actually a relative, but a lifelong friend of mum’s who lives with her only daughter, Penny, aged 22, on a smallholding in rural West Sussex. I arrived and was warmly greeted and settled in. Over the first week, nothing really happened. I went bird spotting, a big passion of mine, did a bit of fishing

I went to a prestigious university in North Carolina from 1990-94, and spanking and paddling were definitely part of the sorority that I joined. There wasn’t much in the way of hazing aside from spanking and submission. Bare bottom spankings and corner time were pretty standard. I don’t think any pledge made it through hell week without at least one spanking. I remember my first sorority spanking during hell week when I was 18 years old, having to lean over a senior sorority sister’s lap and having my skirt, tights, and panties pushed down to my calves and spanked bare bottom with a

I was reading a post on your website about a girl’s experience with a novelty paddle that said ‘For the Cute Little Deer with the Bear Behind’ that had a picture of a deer and a bear on it. This brought back memories for me because my parents also had that paddle! Fortunately, my parents did not it hang it up for anyone to see, but they had it stored in a drawer to use whenever they needed to punish my siblings and me, and I remember how much it hurt to have that paddle smack my bare bottom. My bottom stings

I went to a British boarding school in the 1960s and, although I was never on the receiving end of corporal punishment, many of my friends were. Canings were commonplace, as they were in many schools of the period. Nor was I ever spanked at home. My parents were kindly souls and did not believe in such harsh Victorian methods. But I did have one first-hand experience of corporal punishment, which still makes me smile all these years later. The reason that I was sent to a boarding school was that my father was a diplomat with a succession of

I recently read one contributor telling of her experience with a novelty spanking paddle that read ‘For The Cute Little Deer With The Bear Behind’, and I too have a story to tell with that paddle as it was used to punish me when I was a naughty girl. I was born and raised in a small town in southern California. In 1967, when I was 15 years old, I was accepted to a prestigious conservatory of music in San Francisco to study piano and violin. I had an aunt and uncle who lived in the city and were willing to let

I went to an all-girls catholic elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1970s and corporal punishment was the norm in those days. I received a few spankings from a couple of teachers and the nuns. My first spanking at school was age 7 for talking in class. The girl I was speaking with and I were both brought to a little room just adjacent to the classroom, and each of us was put over the teacher’s lap and she raised our skirts, pulled down our panties and gave us each several hard pops with a small round paddle on our bare