No one was more surprised than me to find myself as a register monitor. I collected the register one morning and ensured its passage back to the office before the first lesson. Later, I collected it again for a teacher to check the afternoon attendance. I realised quickly that the system the school used to enter a ‘present’ mark could easily be manipulated to my advantage, due to a stroke of good luck. Mum had provided me with an absence note with no date on for the dentist. My form teacher made a note of it in the register and I

I want to submit my story of the first spanking my dad gave me. I call it my Father’s Day spanking because I realized dad would now spank me when I misbehaved. Before this, only mom spanked me and it really wasn’t effective anymore as I constantly acted like a spoiled brat. In all honesty I don’t think what I did justified dad spanking me. I think he used it as an excuse to show me that he would be disciplining me now. I was about 6 years old and it was in the summer. I was wearing a very tight, brief

I was my mom and dad’s only child. My dad was active duty with the US Army. For those unfamiliar with that term, it means my father’s full-time career was the military. For the first few years of my life I didn’t live in any one place very long, because my dad would be assigned to different posts (bases) around the United States. This is a normal part of life for military families. I lost my mother to cancer when I was 5. The memories I have of her are sweet and kind, but unfortunately we just didn’t get to

When I was 21, I spent a lot of time with my biological mother and half-sister, then 17, whom I had reconnected with after years apart. As sisters do, we had our spats. One day in particular, we were fighting over everything. It went from words sniped back and forth to pushing and shoving. Momma grew up in the heart of Texas and was used to cutting her own switch. We lived in the south still but not the deep south. She rarely ever spanked my sister. My adoptive family used a paddle. We were so into our fight, we

It was 1962 and I was twelve years old when I got my first real slippering from my father. As a younger boy I’d had a couple of whacks on the backside with his leather sandal, and a fairly mild over the knee spanking when I was about nine or ten, but nothing that really hurt. I had never been caned at school either. Unfortunately I was a somewhat rebellious boy and had a penchant for shoplifting. Anyway, I was at a large shop in Newquay, Cornwall, a town we had moved to when I was nine. There was a

In the late 1950s and early 1960s corporal punishment was fairly common. I think all kids looked upon smacked bottoms and the like as an occupational hazard. Girls, especially, often got their legs smacked. I suppose my mother was probably no stricter than many other parents at the time. I’d get my bottom or legs smacked from time to time, just for the normal kids naughtiness. And as I got older mother started taking me across her knee and flipping my skirts up before smacking me, and she also produced an old slipper of father’s which I felt a few

This story is from 1981. I was 15 and my sister, Lottie, was 13. We attend the same comprehensive school. The uniform was black skirt, white shirt and black blazer, with grey or black trousers for boys. Lottie tended to wear tight knee-length pencil skirts. She was quite attractive and popular, whereas I was quieter. She wasn’t academic and was in the CSE group whereas I was an ‘O’ level student. I used to walk to school with Lottie. We got on well, and that resulted in me introducing her to a friend. He wasn’t a good friend, just someone

I came across this site and thought readers may be interested in a couple of my own personal recollections. I was born in 1966 so, as you can imagine, have quite a few stories as corporal punishment was quite common in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. I came from a working-class family. We lived in a 3-bed semi-detached house; that is, my mum, dad and sister, Charlotte, or Lottie as we called her, who was 2 years younger than me and is the subject of some stories which I will send separately as they are quite long. I had the

The year was 1972. I was just about to start the 4th grade at my new school, a Catholic school. I was new to the neighborhood and didn’t know anybody yet, but I was anxious to make new friends. However, I was a little hesitant about going to this school. It would be my first time attending a Catholic school and it was made clear when I enrolled that corporal punishment was allowed. This concerned me, as I had never been spanked before. I tried not to think too much about it as the first day of school approached. On that first day, I dressed in my new

I went to two Comprehensive Schools, the first one was in Denmark Hill, London. I was there for 2 years until my family moved and then I went to another Comprehensive in Abbey Wood, London for the remainder of my school life. The first was a large all boys school and I cannot in all honesty say that I liked the school. It was too big and there was a lot of bulling, although not much for me, thank goodness. Discipline was reasonably strict and boys would be often sent to the deputy headmaster but not always caned, as in