It started when I was nine years old. My mom’s job changed and she wasn’t going to be home until 6.00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. So, after school on those days I went to Mr and Mrs Miller’s house until my mom got home. The Millers lived five houses down from us. They were in their mid-40s and had two older sons who were both away at college at that time. Mrs Miller didn’t work and Mr Miller would get home from work around 5.00 pm. Mrs. Miller was a bit cold and distant and I was a little bit afraid of her. Mr Miller was

I went to primary school just off the Old Kent Road in London in the 1950s and whilst corporal punishment was a part of school life in those days, I actually had only few experiences of it. The first one was when I was quite young, about 6 or 7 years old. Mrs Drabble was our teacher and I must have done something to disappoint her (cannot remember what) and she called me out to the front of class. I was wearing the usual school outfit, short trousers, shirt and jumper. When I stood by her, she pulled me over

My most memorable spanking was given to me by my mom, the perfectionist. The house was always in perfect order and clean, her meals were excellent and she was always well dressed. She treated me the exact same way. She gave me a full bath every day and usually dressed me in black and white dress shoes, knee-high socks, dress shorts, dress shirt, jacket or sweater and bow tie. I have many photos of me in this attire. Play clothes were more casual. The problem was that little boys are not that concerned with proper hygiene or appropriate behavior. As

I went to a mixed comprehensive school in the 1980s where corporal punishment mainly consisted of the slipper, a plimsoll in other words, or very rarely the cane. Only the headmaster and deputy headmistress were allowed to cane, but all teaching staff were allowed to slipper if they chose to do so. About 80%, male and female, of teachers did have a slipper tucked away in a drawer of their desk. The headmaster caned the boys and the deputy headmistress was said to cane the girls, although no one remembered that ever happening. Mrs B, the deputy headmistress, was a

I am the oldest boy out of 3 siblings. In my family, spanking boys was very common. I was spoiled rotten by mom, dad, my aunt and grandmother (Nana) so many times, I acted like a spoiled brat, and was spanked for it from about age 4 to 10-ish years old. There were a couple I felt were unfair, like for not wearing underwear when told it was ok, or not taking the dog out in time. On the other hand, some were very well deserved like smoking cigarettes at 9 years old, or going into a dangerous area. There

I entered school at the beginning of the 1960s, firstly an infant’s school at the age of five, then a juniors school at seven, and on to secondary Modern Senior school at eleven. Then you could be spanked, smacked or given the cane if you misbehaved or broke school rules. It was then just what was expected, both by your parents, and you as a pupil at school. During junior and senior school, you would expect to see some form of punishment daily, and end up at the receiving end a at least couple of times a month yourself. In

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Back in the 1980s, I would often end up at my aunt’s house to be babysat as my mom did a lot of weekend courses for her line of work at that time. I knew being at her house meant she was allowed to discipline me if necessary. One Saturday afternoon, I was allowed to head to the mall, but only if I took my cousin, Nancy, and her friend, Jessica, with me. I was thirteen and they were both eleven at the time. I really didn’t want them to come with me because I knew I would have to watch them and

A few weeks ago, the first part of my memories of school spankings was published on this site and I was asked if I had any further examples. Here, some of the most notorious girls and their punishments are remembered. All first names are real, but I have not disclosed any surnames, or the schools name or location, to protect those mentioned. Teacher’s names have been changed for the same reason. The school was a fee-paying day school with a very strict discipline policy supported by the parents and as such had excellent academic achievements. Annette: Annette was a high achiever and was always at the

I have a very vivid memory of an incident at home in around 1998 to 1999. My step sister is four years older than me, and was always in trouble. One day, we both were in our bedroom when she was smoking out the window, for the umpteen time. Our step mum had warned her many times. My mother left us and remarried when I was ten years old. My dad is a strict big man but he never hit us, his voice was enough. My step mum, on the other hand, is a petite woman who ruled her daughter