Another account kindly passed on to us by Megan L. Don’t be late for class at Jefferson High School. My name is Laura and I wanted to share my experience with corporal punishment, which was very common when I attended school. I will try my best to share my memory as it has been many years since my last high school paddling, although certainly not my last at home. I must have been around 15 years old, because the incident happened with my BF, who had to be 16 since it involved a drive in his car for an unauthorized lunch

Another account kindly provided by Megan L Senior Spank Day! In my last week at school, not long before graduation, it was Senior Prank Day. This is an old but totally unofficial tradition where 12th graders have once last chance of showing some mischief and naughtiness before they leave school. One problem is that students and teachers can disagree about what is funny so it was not uncommon for some students to find themselves collecting swats one last time! Of course, I had to be part of this distinguished number. That day we had decided to have a shaving cream

A typical school paddling described. Kindly supplied by Megan L I managed to stay out of the Vice Principal’s office throughout my tenth and eleventh grades. It was partly because I was growing out of my ‘getting into trouble’ phase, partially because I was getting better at not being caught and just plain being lucky, and also because the very few times I could have gotten into trouble, I managed to (sweet) talk my way out of it. The two VPs at my high schools were both male and I think they were both prone to believing a story being

Kindly sent by Megan on behalf of Sarah J, one of two girls paddled. It was a cool morning in the Texas Hill Country in February of 2004.  I was 17 and a senior in high school, looking forward to graduation in a few short months. I had just sat down in my third period class when the morning announcements began. As usual, most of the announcements were meaningless and boring. My attention was caught, however, when I heard my name being called out along with one of my other classmates, Katelyn. We had to go to the principal’s office. Trying

Caught! Although I was not a really bad girl at the schools I went to, I did get my fair share (perhaps more than my fair share) of school spankings. One reason was that I never quite knew when to stop being mischievous and the other was a tendency I had to get caught. Like the time in the summer of the fifth grade when Ms Kimble had left the class for a view minutes to take a sick child down to the office. She had warned us that we had all better be reading when she came back. Now

From an interview conducted by Megan Lowry Some years ago I had a series of conversations with an older gentleman who had graduated from Jonesville High School in western North Carolina in 1961. As best I am able, I shall attempt to reconstruct a May 1960 group paddling from the chat logs I only recently discovered were still in existence. On the day Gary Francis Powers was shot down by the Soviets, after 6th Period, four male and three female students were caught smoking on campus at Jonesville High School. My informant, Walt, was among them as was his girlfriend

Three years ago, we published Holly J’s experience of being paddled in North Carolina. Due to a change of web host, we unfortunately have lost Holly’s email address. A well-known (to us and some others) researcher of US paddling experiences would like to make contact, so if Holly is reading this, or someone else can assist, then please email me:

Waldorf Manor is enchanting. Not just because of the formality of its residents and the privilege of wealth, but because it guards and protects a lifestyle some could easily mistake as traditional. It isn’t traditional to Brayden James, it’s very deliberate. Beyond the protective gates of Waldorf Manor and Barton-Court House are the lives of two men who believe formality and discipline are necessary strongholds in life. Some strongholds, however, can be crippling; especially when they prevent a man from pursuing love. Simultaneously, a thirty-year marriage is hanging by a thread and despite the shell of their lives being moulded

A spur of the moment act meant retribution at home. (Originally written c. 1998 for the Yahoo group “I Was Spanked Growing Up”) by Megan Lowry North Carolina’s mid-summer heat and humidity were more oppressive than usual that Friday as I drove to the Dixie Mart to fetch a few groceries my mom needed for supper. Stopping at the pumps, I ran seven bucks worth of gas into my Monte Carlo and then ran inside where the air conditioning and chilly tile floor proved a welcome relief from the muggy air and sunbaked asphalt outside. After going to the dairy

This account offers more detail from the ‘Actual Experience’ letter and some conjecture about a girl’s caning. I went to a LondonPublic School in the sixties where corporal punishment was widely practiced by a number of the masters. The PE master was a regular user of his size 10 plimsoll and a whacking from him was a painful affair. In addition to the Headmaster, two other masters used the cane as their only form of punishment, but they varied in method. There was nothing to suggest that the Headmaster or history master got any gratification from delivering beatings. The music