The cane had been banned by the time I got to High School but a certain PE Mistress, Miss H, who was very “jolly hockeysticks” was always telling us how she would soon have us all more obedient and respectful. She was very hearty and loud and when we got older the girls used to joke about her possible sexuality. I remember being caught by her, along with another two girls, in the gymnasium stock room at lunchtime. We had found a hidey hole away from the rest of the school, or so we thought, until she appeared before us.

When I was a child I was a very keen rider. I lived with my parents in Surrey at a village called Fernhurst. We lived in a house called Cylinders and it has a few acres of ground and two stables. I was spoilt in some ways in that I was always bought good ponies and I won a lot of prizes at local shows. On the other hand my parents were very strict and if I was even slightly naughty I got a severe spanking. Initially this was only with their hands over my skirt or jeans but then

The slipper at home: I grew up in the north of England in the 60s, early 70s. Unlike today, when corporal punishment is often regarded as inappropriate punishment for children, in my youth it was very much the norm at school, and often at home. In my case at primary school, the slipper was in use. At secondary school, it was the slipper again, and for serious offences, a trip to the Deputy Head to bend over for the cane. I escaped the slipper at primary school, but got it three or four times at secondary. I also got the cane once, which is

A typical school strapping recalled I was bored and distracted. Miss Walker was droning on about fractions, not my best subject, and my girlfriend was sitting opposite me wearing a really short skirt. Just to tease me, she stroked the top of her thigh, smiled at me, and then blew me a kiss. “Garry Smith!” Miss Walker exclaimed. “Are you paying attention?” “Yes miss,” I muttered. What else could I answer? “Bring your book out here now, lad.” she said. She was seated at her desk. I knew I’d done very little work but there was no alternative. I stood A blog run by Andy Nixon, a long standing writer whose stories featured in the old Janus and Roue magazines. Andy has a perticular interest in the American school paddling scenario, and the blog features stories, discussion, etc.

Office Admin We have a temporary placement in a small office in London NW8 for someone to help out with general office admin. You will be paid above minimum wage for either full or part time work. You will be working with a young lady who is into CP and is punished for errors in her work or faults in her personal life. You will be treated in the same fashion if you wish. You will also have the opportunity to join in with occasional school afternoons, but this is not a job requirement. You can start as soon as

Four months after I had first been caned by Mrs Joss, I made a second visit to her office. The great school fruit fight was the reason for my second visit and, unlike my first visit, over ten others were sent to see our Headmistress for the same offence. The fruit fight started at recess, I don’t remember how it started but certainly a boy threw some fruit at another boy and it had quickly escalated. I was guilty of throwing a softened apple (you softened an apple by lightly tapping it against a hard surface. I had thrown my

My first dose of the cane came in 1966. I was a ten year old boy and realized that I had pushed my fourth grade teacher, Miss Kamer, too far when she told me to stand up. I watched her write a note and order me to the front of the classroom where I was promptly told to see our Headmistress, Mrs Joss. Boys were more likely to receive the cane than girls but I did know of a couple girls (including my older sister who visited Mrs Joss and left her office in a good deal of pain. I’d