I am just dropping you a brief reply in response to the request on your website about sanctions other than corporal punishment. At my school, in addition to corporal punishment (which was typically ruler, slipper, strap or cane), numerous other sanctions were imposed dependent on the wrong-doing one had carried out.  This was during the early 1970s at a private boarding school. Over the years I saw or suffered the following: Confinement to wearing school uniform at all times. This meant the full embarrassment of spending the evenings and weekends wearing white shirt, school tie, green tunic, green knee socks, green cardigan

From quite an early age I was given the odd slap on my bottom or legs if I misbehaved, but it was at the age of eleven when I received my first real spanking. By that, I mean an over the knee spanking. This happened some seventeen years ago when corporal punishment was more acceptable than the present day. On several occasions I had rung the neighbours’ door chime on the way home from school. I had not done it out of wanting to be a pest or being naughty, I just loved the sound of the chime. It was

  A collection of Eight short stories Judged and Punished A judge’s daughter is caught drinking alcohol with three of her friends, with predictable consequences. Parking Lot Punishment A girl changes schools when her parents move from California to North Carolina and finds the style of discipline very different. The Head Girl’s Dilemma Even Head Girls get themselves into trouble sometimes, but when this Head Girl’s punishment is considered too lenient it causes bad feeling. Old Tom The daughter of the big house is considered by some to be a spoilt brat. Read how she gains her come-uppance. A Personal

We’re always grateful for all contributions of true corporal punishment but as an added feature we’d like to hear from ladies particularly about the other non-corporal punishments they received and how they felt about them. Were you given detention, made to stand in the corner or at the front of class (to name just a couple of options)? How did you feel about that, and how did you feel about seeing others getting corporal punishment? Contact us at:    chasyoung3@yahoo.com

I suppose the spanking that made the greatest impression on me during my childhood happened when I was around fourteen years old and it didn’t happen to me. In those days, back in the 1970s, there was nothing unusual in being spanked at home or in school. I had the odd smack myself and had seen or heard a few of my friends and schoolmates being punished. Nothing particularly severe although of course I heard stories in the playground about terrible beatings inflicted on other children. It had never been anyone I knew well. The punishment I am about to

In the 1960s I attended a small boarding school in the West Country from the age of 8. This was run by a husband and wife who were headmaster and matron respectively. The headmaster, a kindly man, was responsible for educational matters and serious disciplinary issues. Matron, who was a very strict disciplinarian, was responsible for the boarders outside of the school day including discipline. Matron punished the boarders with the slipper for the slightest misdemeanour but if she felt the offence was more serious she would send boys to the headmaster. Having been slippered by her on several occasions she

Dick Templemeads is a writer whose fictional stories are featured on our sister website www.overthedesk.com I am in the middle of writing my next story in the Swishing Sixties series. Although all are works of pure fiction which are based around either major events or hit records from that decade, the next story, while liked to one of the Sixties’ major events, is actually based on an incident which occurred in 1964 when I was 8 years old and in the first year of primary school. Those involved were all slippered for their part in the melee. Although not involved

I’ve written about my first caning at school which got me six of the best at the age of 11 and mostly undeserved. I say ‘mostly’ because I did lie when I should have told the truth and if I hadn’t done that I might have avoided being punished at all, and because I was technically guilty of the things I was punished for as well. I just had what I felt then, and I still feel now, was a good explanation as to why I did it. But I lied rather than explain because I was frightened and I

“Turn around; now bend over the back of the chair.” “Please, Sir! Please. I didn’t do anything wrong, Sir!” I’d been on the verge of tears for the last few minutes, but now they were beginning to flow freely. I was terribly frightened of what was about to happen to me, but the worst thing was that I truly did not believe I deserved it. I was only eleven years old and I had been at my grammar school for about four weeks. It had been made very clear to us from our first day that the cane was used

A true account kindly passed to us by Megan It was a spring day in May of 1960 in western North Carolina. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid 70s. It was 2:30 PM and the school day was drawing to a close. The bell rang signaling the end of classes and the beginning of activity period. Activity period was the last 40 minutes of the school day. It was essentially free time with certain limitations. The athletic teams used it to get an early start on after-school practice. Those who wished to get a start