A true account kindly passed to us by Megan It was a spring day in May of 1960 in western North Carolina. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid 70s. It was 2:30 PM and the school day was drawing to a close. The bell rang signaling the end of classes and the beginning of activity period. Activity period was the last 40 minutes of the school day. It was essentially free time with certain limitations. The athletic teams used it to get an early start on after-school practice. Those who wished to get a start

My wife was raised in a fairly conservative household. Her mother was not a prude nor was she overly controlling of what Michele was allowed to wear and what she could do for activities, but there were certainly issues with appropriate dress at times and consequences if rules were challenged or violated. Growing up in Southern California, Michele spent a lot of time in a bikini during the summer. This was fine with her mom as long as she was wearing it appropriately. Mom was not okay with Michele walking around outside of the pool area or beach with just a

My memory of my punishment was simple in my house. My mother could look at me and I knew that was enough. However my father was another thing. My dad was a caring, kind and funny guy, but he had certain rules; don’t cheek and don’t lie. Sadly once, when I was about 10 ish, I forgot this and went to sit on the park field with my friends. My cover was that I was having a tea party at my friend Shane’s. I would be home for no later than 7.30. One thing led to another and I was

After she left Clathy Castle, Julie had a brief career as a model where she encountered another aspect of CP  By Julie Baker During an exchange of emails between Julie Baker and Kenny Walters involving the publishing of the Clathy Castle account, it became known that Julie had enjoyed a short career as a model in London around the same time as Kenny worked there as a photographer. While Julie mostly turned down work that had a punishment theme, she did accept a small number of assignments. Further enquiry revealed an interesting story.   Julie writes:   My name is

This is a true memory spanning a half century or so. Not quite your usual submission, it has already been put up on Experience Project. I do not know if this presents a problem for you or them. I have not been as explicit as you might like because it is painful to write about and much of the details have been forgotten. In my communications with the local child services bureaucrats trying to get therapy for my autistic daughter I had the bright idea of including in the email list of recipients my sister who was a journalist in

An account by Pam Dumont concerning her 1976 paddling at the Elyria, NY, high school, another real-life experience provided by Megan. What Did It Feel Like? This was the question many people asked me when they learned I had been paddled at school. Obviously they themselves had never been paddled, or they would have known the answer! How did it feel? Basically, it hurt. A lot! A school paddling was different from a home spanking, and the pain was different. I admit I had my share of spankings from Mom (boy, did I), but her stinging spanks with the hairbrush

Jenny Hill’s experience, kindly passed to us by Megan. About a week or two before school started in the Fall, the school would post lists on the front doors of the school showing which students were being assigned to which teachers for the year. Once it was known that the lists were up, usually the older kids wouldn’t wait until the official ‘back to school’ orientation evening where the parents could meet the teachers but would instead get on their bikes and go up to the school to see the lists early. The week before I started 6th Grade, my

My name is Julie Baker and I was born in Edinburgh in March 1956 and subsequently brought up in the same city. My father is Scottish and was a well known GP in Edinburgh before he retired. My mother is Swedish and came to the UK in the 1950s to train to be a nurse. I was an only child and I benefited from a solidly middle class upbringing and the stability provided by two loving parents. From the age of 12 my parents sent me to a private day school for girls in Edinburgh. I was not academic but

A second high school paddling for Nikki, for smoking. There Was No Choosing This Time. There was only three forms of punishment at the school. They had suspension, of course. There was the pit. Which was the same as ISS at other schools except the room you went to had no A/C or heat and was flat out miserable. Then there was a spanking with the paddle. Like most teenagers, I smoked. I didn’t smoke at school but I did right before, and as soon as I could get out to my car. I carried my pack in my purse.

(Nikki’s Account) First Paddling  I made it though elementary school without getting a spanking at school. Many times I was threatened that it would be used on me, but I managed  to behave well enough not to justify a paddling. I heard a few boys get swats in the hall. I felt sorry for them. It had to be embarrassing. When the 7th grade started we had moved to a new district. It was pretty common knowledge that most teachers had a paddle in their class. You didn’t have to be sent to the principal’s office or to the gym