Attractive 40-something male seeks similar or older mother/ auntie type figure to discipline me. I have a mild cross-dressing fetish, which needs to be dealt with in the time honoured tradition. Ideally this will include scolding/ telling-off, corner time and over your knee spanking; the slipper, the paddle and any other credible domestic type punishment. At present, I can’t accommodate so will need to be your place, which should be within 50 miles or so of Reading station, Berkshire; and within walking distance of public transport. Please only reply if you are able to meet my requirements. I am able

A Grammar school boy’s first experience of being caned I was over thirteen years of age and in the third year at Rochester Grammar School when I felt the cane for the first time. I was one of those in between boys as far as behavior was concerned; not bad, though far from being a goodie-goodie. I’d racked up a fair few detentions, a number of lines, and had felt hand, board ruler and slipper across my bottom, but until that day never the cane. At my junior school all teachers were allowed to cane, but I managed to avoid

Memories of starting at a new boarding school When I was eleven I was sent to boarding school in the South of England; the year was 1960. I was assigned to my class and introduced to one of the upper sixth prefects who took us all, twenty girls, for a tour of the school. We were told that as today was our first day and that school did not start till tomorrow we would not have to wear our uniform. We were show to our dorm and all picked our own beds and unpacked. We then had to attend a

In the 1980s, many state schools and some private schools were switching from being single sex schools to taking male and female pupils. For many girls the idea of entering a long established boys grammar school was extremely daunting. Pauline D reflects on her memories of her first term in the sixth form of such a school situated on the Sussex Coast.   Having just moved from London to the south coast at the beginning of August with my parents and younger sister, I obviously had to look for a new school. Since I had just completed my year in

MY ONLY ENCOUNTER WITH CORPORAL PUNISHMENT   May 5, 1971   My name is Judy Ann Johnson and I cannot believe as I get up this morning that I only have three more weeks of high school. Three long weeks until graduation and them I am off to get married and start my new life with my husband.   I rise as usual at 6 am and set about the chore of getting ready to go to school. I just turned eighteen a couple months ago, accepted a proposal for marriage a couple days later and now I do not

There have been a number of stories over the years referring to air hostesses being spanked, often by the captain of the aircraft they worked on, but was there ever any truth in these stories?   A court case (R v McCoy 1953) that took place in southern Africa seems a good place to start. The stewardess, who was referred to as ‘young woman’ to preserve her anonymity, was working on an aircraft flying to Salisbury (then Rhodesia) and failed to adjust and secure her seatbelt which was a breach of regulations.   Her supervisor, Mr McCoy (the defendant), threatened

By Kenny Walters   I well remember, back in the 1970s, reading through a CP magazine and coming across a story that purported to be true of an incident during the Second World War where a young member of the Womens’ Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) was punished by caning for some serious breach of regulations. The story mentioned that a cane had to be flown out specially from UK for the punishment to take place.   More recently, I have attempted to determine whether there ever was any truth in the story and I am extremely grateful to those people

I had left school having had just one caning (for fooling around on a bus) and one slippering (for loitering in the changing rooms after hockey) but I think the seeds of curiosity in corporal punishment had been sown. I had no idea how the next experience would come about but I remembered those two experiences with shame and excitement.   After I left school I moved to a large town to work in an admin job which I enjoyed. I had managed to get some digs in a nice house owned by an elderly couple. They had explained when

Sunset Elementary School, 263 Church Hill Street, Sunset, Louisiana caters for boys and girls from Kindergarten to 8th grade. Three 8th grade girls, Emily Eadie, Madeline Odom and Taylor Castille, all thirteen years old, were all paddled by school principal Marquet Rideau at the end of October 2011.   It all started when Taylor Castille excused herself in class to use the rest room before the bell rang. She found the closest rest room closed so walked across school to use the fifth grade rest room and met with her friends, Emily Eadie and Madeline Odom.   They admit they

My experiences go back to the mid 1960s and, like a lot of girls, I was well aware of corporal punishment, but did my best to avoid it in any form.   I went to a girls school that was fairly strict, but later we moved and I went to a girls only boarding school. When my parents and I went for a first visit we got the impression it was quite strict but it was on my first day there that I discovered just how strict it was. The Headmistress summoned me to her study after evening prep and