My second caning in the third year came just before Easter. I got a detention for forgetting my text book in a geography class. I attended the next evening and the teacher in charge was Miss W. She was in her 30s and a PE Mistress who played hockey at county level. She was wearing her sports gear of short skirt and polo type top. Her ginger hair was short and practical for a sports person.

There were four of us in detention and Miss W got us writing lines. I got distracted by a rugby match on the field outside. Miss W noticed and called my name. I was so engrossed I did not even notice until she was stood alongside me.

Miss W asked what was so interesting and I said I got distracted by the rugby. Miss W told me that the idea of detention was that I did an hour’s hard work which I clearly was not going to do. She told me to go to the secretary and collect the book and the cane. I reported to the secretary who handed me the cane and book. I walked back fearfully in the knowledge that Miss W was extremely fit and was likely to cane very hard.

I walked in and Miss W took them from me. She started to write in the book and told me to remove my blazer. I did not have long to wait before I was ordered to bend over the teacher’s desk. Miss W warned the other pupils to continue work or they would also be caned.

Miss W stood alongside me and I felt the cane tap. Shortly after I heard the swish and felt it hit hard and central. I soon felt the burning line I had come to know well. Miss W continued and the second stroke hit harder still. It had hit low on my bottom and was so painful. I yelped loudly. Miss W continued and soon the third stroke cracked down equally low and hard making me cry out loudly. To my relief Miss W walked away. Miss W then told me to stand.

She handed the cane and book to me and told me to return them. I walked to the secretary who took them and made my way back to detention. Miss W told me to sit and continue my lines or I would be sent to the Headmaster. Despite my pain I managed to complete my detention. At the end we were all dismissed.

Miss W had proved that PE Mistresses certainly caned hard and effectively. I was so glad I only got three strokes, a full six would have been too painful. Thankfully she did not teach me for any lessons and I felt sorry for girls in her PE classes.