This is my first submission to this site. I was very excited to find OTD Memories because I had several corporal punishment experiences while growing up and I have always wanted to share my memories of them with someone.

Let me start by saying that I am now a 64 year old man living near New York City. I grew up in a time when corporal punishment was much more accepted than it is today. I’m sure that some of the things that happened to me would merit jail sentences in today’s reactive society, but way back then people thought differently than they do now.

My first experience occurred when I was eight years old. Both of my parents worked and as a result I spent my after school hours at a day care center which I believe catered for children up to the third grade, which was my grade at the time.

We got snacks on arrival each day and were then sent out on to the playground if the weather permitted.

Our playground monitor was a young woman who I would guess was in her early twenties. Miss Trapasso was the heart throb of all the little boys. She was tall and slim and always wore the classic ‘short shorts’ of that era along with tight T-shirts. We all tried our best to impress her whenever we could, but we also knew that you didn’t want to get on her bad side because she was VERY strict when it came to following the rules.

Although I had never witnessed it, I heard that she spanked both boys and girls who misbehaved. Most of the time I was a well behaved child and followed the rules carefully, because I dreaded the idea of being spanked in front of the other kids.

There were two girls at the day care center that I wanted so much to impress. They were my age and were in my class at school. One was a red head and one was a blonde. The blonde was named Cathy and she was a mischief maker, often getting in trouble at school, but on her best behavior at the day care center.

The red head was Kelly and although she was generally better behaved than Cathy, when they were together they conspired in all sorts of pranks.

I was continually trying to hang around with them and they were continually trying to avoid me. I’m sure I made a pest of myself, but I hoped that they would eventually pay some attention to me.

On the day of my first experience we were all out on the playground on a warm sunny day. Miss Trapasso was sitting on her lawn chair in her regular place at the far end on the playground. As usual, I was trying to chat up Cathy and Kelly and was being ignored. They started to walk away from me toward the other side of the playground and I trailed along behind.

In the middle of the playground, about half the distance to Miss Trapasso, was a large apple tree. There was a big limb that stretched out from the tree which was just high enough to make it enticing for little boys to want to swing on. Although a few of us had jumped up in the past and did a noble Tarzan swing while walking back from our playground time, we had recently been told in no uncertain terms that this was strictly forbidden. One of the boys had lost his grip while swinging and ended up on his back on the ground and the center was afraid someone would get hurt.

As we approached the limb I glanced up at Miss Trapasso and saw that she had her back to us and was talking to one of the kids. So in a moment of bravado I ran ahead of the girls and jumped up and grabbed the limb. As I began my swing I heard a load crack and the next thing I knew I was on the ground and the limb was on the ground with me.

Everyone ran over and gathered around including Miss Trapasso who looked very concerned. Once it was established that I wasn’t hurt, Miss Trapasso’s look of concern turned to an ominous look of anger.

“What were you told about swinging on the tree?” She yelled. “You see now why we said that? Now you’ve broken the branch and ruined the tree. You are going to be punished right now!”

I was terrified. I had never seen Miss Trapasso so angry. She grabbed my arm and pulled me across the playground toward her lawn chair. All the kids followed including Cathy and Kelly.

When we reached her chair she sat down and I stood in front of her.

“You know you weren’t allowed to swing on that limb. Do you have anything to say for yourself?” She demanded.

I stammered some lame excuse and already felt like I might cry.

“You’re going to be spanked. Now come over here and pull down your pants.”

An electric shock seemed to pass through me. I couldn’t believe that she wanted me to pull down my pants in front of the other kids. I hesitated then took a step closer to her. It was then that I glanced at the other kids and saw to my further embarrassment that Cathy and Kelly were standing at the front of the group not more than six feet away and they both had smiles on their faces.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Pull down your pants.”

Miss Trapasso’s demand gave me little choice, so without looking at the other kids I slowly pulled down my pants.

I was wearing a T-shirt that came down to my belly button so everything from there down was in full view. I had on the usual white briefs that kids wore then and I tried to put my hands over my groin as best I could.

Without further delay Miss Trapasso grabbed my hands and pulled me across her lap. I lay there waiting for the first strike to fall as she continued to reprimand me for what I had done.

Then to my great shock she grabbed the waist band of my underwear and pulled them down to my ankles. She did it so fast that it took a moment to register what had happened. Then all at once the strangest feelings came over me in a rush. The most prominent was complete embarrassment that my bare bottom was now on display for all to see, but there was also this very weird feeling because I realized that my little boy parts were now pressed against Miss Trapasso’s bare thighs. I knew nothing about sex at that age, but the feeling of it had a strange effect on me.

Those feelings were immediately wiped out as her hand cracked across my bottom and the pain overwhelmed me. She struck hard and fast without let up until I was squirming about wildly and crying out load.

I don’t know how long it lasted, but eventually she stopped and told me to stand up. I stood facing her and immediately covered myself with my hands.

“Put your hands on top of your head or you’re going back across my lap.”

I slowly put my hands up and stood there in front of Miss Trapasso with all of my boyhood on display, also knowing that my bare bottom was on full display to all the kids standing behind me.

“Now I want you to apologize for what you did!”

I stammered out an apology through my sobs.

“Now apologize to the other kids for breaking our tree.”

I repeated my apology once again.

“No! Turn around and look at the others and apologize.”

I couldn’t believe what she was telling me to do. I didn’t want to turn around. I didn’t want everyone, especially Cathy and Kelly, to see the front of me. I started to lower my hands, but was immediately told to keep my hands on top of my head. When I continued to hesitate I was asked if I wanted more spanking.

I slowly turned around and faced the others while looking down at the ground and once again repeated my apology.

“Put your head up and look at the others when you apologize.”

I slowly looked up and looked right into the eyes of the two girls. Their eyes met mine for a moment and then, with big smiles appearing on their faces, they looked down to see what was on display.

With my embarrassment complete I was told to shuffle over and stand facing the fence with my hands still on my head and my pants around my ankles until the play period was over. I stayed there with my face and my bottom equally red until all the kids had filed back inside. When I was finally allowed to pull up my pants and go inside with the others, I found Cathy and Kelly waiting just inside the door both laughing and letting me know that they had seen ‘my little thing’. I had finally gotten their attention.