I was educated through the state system in East Anglia. My primary school in the late 1950s had mainly female teachers, most of whom were either the older ‘Miss’ types or young, yet unmarried teachers. The Headmaster was very stern, had fought in the war, and terrified us all. The teachers would most often hit us with rulers to keep discipline, and the boys would occasionally be taken out of the classroom and we would hear the thwack of the slipper. However, the big threat was to be sent to the Headmaster. We had heard he used to cane hard.

We had a quick daily assembly at the beginning of each day, sitting cross-legged on the floor of the hall, youngest classes at the front. In my very first term, on one occasion, three boys accompanied the teachers and Headmaster. They faced the wall as the assembly went through its motions. There was some sniggering behind us concerning these boys, who were from the top and 2nd top classes, so probably 9 to 11 years old.

Just when we thought the assembly was over, the Headmaster announced that three fellow pupils had persistently broken the school rules. He never said which, but we found out they had skipped school one afternoon. He announced that breaking rules had consequences, and everyone should be aware of these. At that point, one of the other teachers handed him a school cane. It looked quite long, thin, but not particularly straight, as if old. A small, child’s chair was placed in front of the Headmaster with the seat facing him. One of the younger female teachers went across and grabbed one of the boys by his arm and then brought him to the back of the chair. She then pushed his shoulders down so he was effectively bent over the back of the chair, his bottom facing us and held down in place by her at the front of the chair. The Headmaster took up position and then proceeded to give the boys six lashes of the cane across their shorts clad bottom. Each of the strokes were hard and strong, given with full force and each made a huge cracking sound on contact, followed immediately by a yelp. On each occasion, you could see the teacher having to hold the boy in place so he would not get up in between strokes. After the sixth stroke, the teacher helped the boy up, who was by now in tears, and led him very slowly out of assembly, as he was clearly still in a lot of discomfort. Another teacher then pulled the 2nd boy to the chair, and both he and the 3rd boy got a full six of the best on their short clad trousers. The canings were carried out quickly, although each stroke was a full swing and very hard.

At the time, I was shocked and frightened watching this, which therefore had the desired effect on me. However, what I didn’t realise was that this was a frequent event. It would probably happen a couple of times a term, usually a few boys (never girls) would be held across the back of the small chair and be given six of the best in front of us. In time, I grew to enjoy these canings and was delighted whenever I saw boys joining the teachers into assembly as I knew some bottoms were going to be soundly thrashed.

It always seemed to be the older boys around 9 to 11 being caned, and often the same faces. However, as we went up the school, the threat to the boys in our classes got greater. My friend and I fancied two boys in our class and tried everything to get their attention. Eventually we had a falling out as they were more interested in playing football. One break, we managed to grab their attention and promised them they could ‘touch’ us, but insisted they came into the privacy of the outside girls toilets. They followed us in but were barely in the door when they were grabbed by the Janitor who had been watching. Both my friend and I denied we had encouraged them in any way.

The following morning, both boys followed the teachers into assembly. Both were held down separately for their first ever caning, and received six of the best. My friend and I grimaced at the sound of each stroke hitting their upturned bottoms, and their yelps of pain. Our form mistress, who was an attractive unmarried teacher, probably in her early twenties, held them both down. I actually enjoyed their caning and I also noticed how closely the female teachers watched the canings. The few male teachers seemed to be watching the remaining pupils to ensure we were paying attention. My friend and I decided we should say sorry to the boys and met up with them on the walk home from school. They were very guarded as they didn’t want us to get them in any more trouble. They said the caning was very sore, but they didn’t cry. We thought they had. One eventually pulled his shorts down to show us the angry red & blue stripes on his bottom.

I have been fascinated by the subject since, and through various forums, have been able to live out my fantasies as an adult, both giving canings and receiving the occasional caning.