When I was in my last but one year at primary school I got caught talking in the morning assembly and was told to come out the front by the duty teacher. I had to stand at the front and, at the end of the assembly, the teacher told me to see her at break.

Knowing the teacher, I guessed this would probably mean a spanking so I left the assembly after everyone else with butterflies.

My worries I would be spanked came to fruition quicker than I anticipated as my own teacher had noticed my misbehaviour and wished to show me her disapproval that a member of her class had been talking in assembly. She also probably wanted to make me an example to the rest of the class. So, over her knee I went for a good smacked bottom, after which I spent 10 minutes in the corner and the rest of the lesson sitting on my sore bottom.

Unfortunately, I still had to see the duty teacher who appeared also prepared, if not keen, keen to wreak her own form of retribution on my bottom. I tried to tell her I’d already been spanked, but my pleading was cast aside and for the second time that morning I had a splendid view of the floor as I was once again bent over the teacher’s knee. By the time she finished, my bottom was on fire and I spent the rest of the day miserably sitting on it.

When I got home, I found that Mum also had heard of my misdemeanour but thankfully hadn’t the heart to spank me again. I did however get a good lecture and had to stand in the corner for a time before she took me in her arms and gave me the comfort mums only can give.

She said she felt I had been hard done by getting spanked twice but if I hadn’t misbehaved it wouldn’t have happened. She also hoped I’d learnt my lesson. Unfortunately as a kid I was quite a slow learner on those sorts of matters and it wasn’t the last time I got into trouble for talking in assembly.