For 34 high school classmates in Oklahoma, only days from graduation, Senior Prank Day turned into Senior Spank Day.


Senior Prank Day is an old, but unofficial, high school tradition where 12th graders can have one last show of mischievous rebellion before they leave high school for ever. But even for 18 and 19 year olds about to embark upon adult life, it can still have painful consequences right up to the last week of school, as 34 seniors from Rattan HS in Oklahoma found out.


The RHS Class of 2010 were a tight-knit bunch and decided they wanted to be remembered long after they’d gone, so they planned a Senior Prank on a grand scale.


Just four days before graduation they staged the silly string and shaving cream fight to end all fun fights, in one of the main school halls. The light-hearted, but extremely messy and noisy fight went on for ten whole rowdy minutes before it was stopped by a teacher, so the hall was one heck of a mess!


Principal Neil Burchfield was summoned, who fortunately saw the funny side, but he still took a firm stand and ordered the 34 breathless and bedraggled students to clean the hall from top to bottom and leave it spotless.


But that wasn’t the end of the matter. The students had been keen to leave their mark on the school, but their Principal was equally keen to leave his mark on them. If they were so keen to display one last act of rebellion, he was equally keen to display one last act of the school’s inescapable authority.


All 34 seniors, girls and boys alike, were made to line up outside the Principal’s office. One by one they were called in and ordered by Principal Burchfield to bend over his desk, so that he could give every one of them a good swat on the behind with a large wooden paddle. Four teachers were also in his office to witness the 34 senior spankings.


So was this a token light-hearted smack? Apparently not! One girl said: “It was totally worth it, but it did sting a little bit and it did bruise my butt.” And another girl commented that her right butt cheek was still hurting a little while later that day. We can conclude two things from this. Principal Burchfield has a strong right arm, and his office echoed to 34 loud smacks and a good many senior yelps on May 18th 2010!


There were no hard feelings though from any of the students, who felt the day had been a blast, despite the mass-paddling.


So be warned Rattan HS Class of 2011! Pranks Means Spanks!