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NEW Book Blaze Demo – We’re seeking information on an incident that happened in the latter part of 1979 at Churchill Secondary Modern School, Westerham, Kent. A number of pupils protested about the classrooms being too cold and a number of books were burned in the playground as part of the protest. The headmaster, John Coatman, placed 50 pupils in detention, demoted 4 prefects and caned 2 girls.

What we’d really like to know is why the two girls were caned when most received detentions and why the prefects were demoted. Was this in addition to receiving detentions or instead of?

Obviously, any factual information about the canings administered to the girls would also be very useful.

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Girard, Pennsylvania – In the late fall of 1983, a number of students at Girard High School received three licks each from the principal for sliding down a hillside on the snow. Anyone with information, please contact Megan at:

Manila, Arkansas – In May of 1974 it is believed the entire Junior class (ages 16 and 17) all received four licks for a mass skipping prank the previous day. It is also believed the incident was mentioned in newspaper reports at the time. If anyone can provide information, please contact Megan at:

Local TV News programme c. 1979-83? – During discussions over the past few years a number of us have recalled this programme (Day by Day?) that was broadcast early evening and showed a number of schoolchildren (mainly aged 10 to 12 approx) receiving corporal punishment. It appears to have varied in content between regions, but most have recalled a girl in a corduroy skirt (beige or light to medium brown) bending over a school desk and being slippered. Another girl in a green and white striped uniform dress and boys in grey trousers and white shirts and other girls are also recalled. Implements included hand, slipper and cane. Someone who has all the STOPP videos of the time is certain these clips were not any of their productions. If you have any information, please contact Kenny Walters at