I am describing my memory of a school spanking a girl called Samantha and I (Steven) got when we were both at school. We were both 14 at the time and went to Hummersknott Comprehensive School in 1984. The spankings happened after we both played for the school chess team.

There were seven in each team and the winners of each game got a point. We played local schools and clubs, the winners getting trophies and prizes. Our teacher, Mrs Williams, was also a maths teacher in her late 50s and fairly easy going, especially after school lesson finished.

On the day in question, we were playing a local school, and Samantha and I were playing on tables opposite each other. We heard cheers break out and, when we looked, everyone else in the team had won, and that meant we had won the league. As a consequence, Samantha and I didn’t try as hard to win and we both ended up losing. Mrs Williams never said anything but when we got back to school and everyone else rushed off home, she asked us to stay.

Normally if we had lost she just said for us to try harder. We were both shocked when she angrily told us she had watched us and was not pleased  as we had shown disrespect to our school team-mates. We both felt about 5 by time she had finished. Then came the bombshell that she was going to spank us and that we would be getting the plimsoll.

I was told I was to be first. Mrs Williams simply sat down at her desk and told me to bend over her knee. I did as I was told and felt the plimsoll on the seat of my trousers. Next moment, whack, the spanking began. I was shocked at how hard she spanked. It seemed like an hour but in reality was only about 5 or 6 minutes, but each whack had me feeling it and I was soon crying.

At that point Samantha looked at my face and I could tell she was frightened.

Mrs Williams told me to get up and told Samantha to take my place. I got up, tears in my eyes, half sobbing. Samantha bent over her knee and the same spanking happened to her. Unfortunately, at one point she called out that Mrs Williams was a bitch. She soon regretted it as I could tell the spanking became harder. When at last her spanking had finished she was crying with tears streaming down her face.

We were both dismissed with a stern warning about our behaviour. On the way home and by then semi-composed, Samantha suddenly burst back into tears. I asked what was wrong.  At first she wouldn’t say anything but then she blurted out that when she got home she had already earned a spanking from her mam, and that when her mam saw her bottom she would get twice the dose.

I asked how her mam would see her bottom, to which she replied that ALL spankings she got at home were bare bottom and administered with a wooden clothes brush. Because her mum would see the previous spanking she would get extra. She then burst back into tears. I left her at hers and walked home.

The next day I saw her and asked if she was alright. She nodded, but didn’t say anything. We walked home that night and when we got to her house her youngest brother came up and said their mum was waiting. He  ran off inside and, as I was about to leave, Samantha gave a quick look round, pecked me on the cheek, lifted her skirt, dropped her woollen tights and knickers, showing me her very dark blotchy bum. We never spoke about it afterwards.