The second spanking I got from my favourite teacher, Coach B, was when we had been out cheering and were coming home on the bus, which was a fairly small bus which we cheerleaders all crowded into. We were all pretty excited and in a rather silly mood. One girl had an orange, which another girl pinched, and we decided to throw it around, which was okay until someone threw it a bit far and it hit the driver. He was very annoyed, stopped the bus and told us to get off.

We were all very chastened and thought that might be the end of it, but the supervisor who was with us told coach B when we got back. She took us into the gym and tore a strip off us at our dangerous behavior. To our dismay she then produced her paddle and told us all to grab our ankles and not to get up until she told us. She then went round the upturned bottoms and planted two good swats on each. It must’ve been quite funny to see and hear as each bottom received its swats to the yells of each girl. However, being on the receiving end we did not find it amusing.

When it was done, Coach B told us to stand up which we did rubbing our bottoms vigorously with tears in our eyes. Sitting down was not a priority for us for the rest of the day but we sure learned a lesson! Don’t throw oranges on buses! I’m reminded today every time I eat one of the pain in my bottom that day.