When I was about 12, we were on a coach coming back from a school trip. We had had a lovely day, but the journey home seemed very long. The girls were getting a bit bored and restive, and our form mistress, who we adored but was strict, had told us to keep our seats several times. There were no seat belts in those days. She finally ran out of patience when I stood up and crossed the aisle of the coach to talk to a friend. I suddenly heard my name called.

“W, come here!”

I went to the back seat of the coach where she was sitting and got told off for not keeping my seat. I thought that would be it but, to my horror, she decided to make an example of me, no doubt to deter others.

“You’ve had enough warnings, young lady, so now get over my knee!” She said with authority.

Miss then made me lie over her knee, pulled my skirt up and smacked my bum hard several times. She was young and very athletic so she made every smack count as I yelped. The sounds of the smacks and yelps brought the spanking to the attention of other girls who looked round with amused grins on their faces.

I went back to my seat with a red face and a smarting behind. We all remained sitting throughout the rest of the journey. Pity it had to be my bum that was made an example of, I thought, as I wriggled in my seat. I just hoped the coach driver wasn’t looking in his mirror at the time!