Although I was not a really bad girl at the schools I went to, I did get my fair share (perhaps more than my fair share) of school spankings. One reason was that I never quite knew when to stop being mischievous and the other was a tendency I had to get caught. Like the time in the summer of the fifth grade when Ms Kimble had left the class for a view minutes to take a sick child down to the office. She had warned us that we had all better be reading when she came back.

Now Ms Kimble was a very good teacher indeed and I loved her very much. But she was unfailingly strict and was quite prepared to warm our behinds if necessary as quite a few of the boys and a couple of us girls had found out earlier in the year.

I liked her in spite of the swats she had given me earlier in the year and had learned a lot from her. So I had tried to be good in her class. After she went out the room I was trying to concentrate on my reading. However, a couple of the boys had pinched an eraser off one of the girls and were throwing it backwards and forwards to each other. It kept sailing over my head with the girl trying to get it.

I made up my mind I would catch it next time it came over, and so I jumped out of my seat and caught the thing. I felt quite pleased with myself but when I looked round there was Mrs Kimble standing there.

She pointed to me and the boy who had thrown the eraser.

“Hallway!” she said.

I noticed as I went out she reached into the desk for the paddle. My heart sank into my boots and tears came into my eyes.

My heart was pounding as the boy, who was called Tod, and I faced her outside the classroom. He was a bit of a terror and had bent over for the board a few times. His friend was as guilty as he, but he was obviously not going to do anything noble like owning up. Just my luck, I thought, that I should be caught like his. Why didn’t I think?

Ms Kimble asked us what on earth we were doing. Before we could answer she told us she had had enough misbehaviour for one day andwe would both get swats. The problem was that the class had received several ‘final warnings’ from her so she probably thought she needed to make an example of someone.

She went to get another teacher to witness the spankings she was about to dish out. My fellow transgressor was looking a bit worried but I had already started the tears. I wondered whether he would tell her what really happened but he didn’t want to rat on his friend.

Ms Kimble came back with another teacher and told Tod to go inside the classroom. She then told me to bend over, which I did. I was crying as Ms Kimble tapped the paddle on my behind a couple of times. This time I only had a thin skirt on which offered little protection. How I wish I had worn a pair of thick jeans that morning! But of course the weather was hot.

Not as hot as my behind soon became, however, as Ms Kimble applied the first swat. I yelped and my hands went from my ankles to my knees but Ms Kimble told me bend right over and to grip my ankles. She made sure I was in position as the next swat landed.

“Owwwwwww!!!!” I yelled and squirmed.

“Stay still!” Said my teacher as she expertly applied the final swat to my suffering little bottom.

By now my whole behind was on fire and I sobbed my heart out.  Ms K gave me a tissue and a minute to recover. Then told me to go to the girls’ room and wash my face.

As I reached the end of the corridor I heard a loud pop as my fellow accused got his swats. He was a tough lad and took it without outcry although he had tears in his eyes as hewent into the classroom, according to my friends.

When Ms Kimble gave you swats you felt it!

I went back into class after using the washroom feeling all eyes upon me. My sore behind protested as I sat on the hard chair. My friends gave me sympathetic looks. Some of the boys had grins on their faces. I scowled at them with my best feminine way before I realised Ms Kimble’s eye was upon us.

At the end of class Ms Kimble stopped me at the door and told me that she hoped that would be the last time she had to paddle me. I said I hoped it was too! Never in all my life have I been in such agreement with a teacher!

I had decided that boys were the worst species on earth by the end of the class, especially as some of them teased me on the bus on the way home for getting paddled.

However, Tod, who was on the bus, spoke up for me. He said I was a great sport for not ratting on his friend and that he would see to anyone who picked on me. This definitely shut everyone up as Tod was known as quite a tough guy. I was grateful for this unlikely ally.

Next day, to my surprise, Tod came up to me and asked how I felt. I said I was OK but I did think his friend might have owned up to what was happening.

“Don’t worry,” said Tod, with a grin. “I sorted him!”

I looked carefully and the said boy did appear to have a rather thick lip. Tod had obviously not been pleased with him!

“I think you’re cute!” Said Tod. “You’re smart. And pretty too!”

He gave me a boyish wink as he walked off to join his friends. I turned a bit red. I was stunned by the unexpected complement. Maybe boys weren’t so bad after all!