Binger-Oney Paddling

Via Megan, we hear of two eighteen year old girls who were paddled at Binger-Oney School in Binger, Oklahoma.

On Friday 2nd May 2014 (we believe; it may have been a day or two earlier) Caity Cart and Hannah Wilson chose to go off campus for their lunch, against school rules. Caity believes someone told on them because they were informed the school principal would deal with them.

Both girls were eighteen at the time and close to graduating at the end of the school year. Caity is the shorter of the two and blond haired, Hannah is taller with long dark hair.

Over Sunday (4th May) the girls exchanged messages between themselves and others. At that point, they were unsure whether they faced In School Suspension (ISS) or being paddled by the male principal.

Although expecting to be dealt with on Monday, it was Tuesday at just before 9.00 am when they were finally called to the principal’s office. There, they found they were to be paddled – no other options offered.

At the moment, we don’t know how many swats they got, what clothing they wore, etc. All we do know is that it hurt a lot.

If anyone can add to this story then we’d be pleased to hear from them.