A few weeks ago, the first part of my memories of school spankings was published on this site and I was asked if I had any further examples. Here, some of the most notorious girls and their punishments are remembered. All first names are real, but I have not disclosed any surnames, or the schools name or location, to protect those mentioned. Teacher’s names have been changed for the same reason. The school was a fee-paying day school with a very strict discipline policy supported by the parents and as such had excellent academic achievements.


Annette was a high achiever and was always at the top of the class, or very close, in every subject. She was, however, easily bored and inherently lazy. Although she could do the homework set by the school stood on her head with her eyes closed, she often just couldn’t be bothered. As a result, she was often spanked for non-delivery. Not that it seemed to bother her greatly, it was water off a duck’s back it happened so often. I suspect it broke the tedium in her mind and was worth the hours not wasted demonstrating what she knew already.

Most teachers would spank for homework infractions at the end of the lesson, so Annette often had to stay behind to have her bottom warmed. Some teachers had had enough and sent her to Miss Brown or her replacement in the sixth form, Miss Fothergill. Spankings were generally administered over the knee with the teacher’s hand over the girl’s skirt, but the headmistress usually pulled the skirt up and spanked by hand or slipper.


Chloe was a lovely girl with a foul mouth on her. Several times, she had sworn in error in class, which immediately resulted in a trip over the teacher’s knee. Occasionally, Miss Berrisford would break tradition and pull her skirt up to really drive the point home. Though she wasn’t allowed to spank on the bare bottom, she did occasionally pull a girls panties up so far it was more like she was wearing a G-string. Miss Brown did not like swearing at all, so Chloe was often in the Friday afternoon spanking queue. Then she would have to bend over the arm of the headmistress’s leather chair, which as I can attest to myself was not a great prospect as this was always the prelude to your skirt being raised and her size 10 slipper crashing down on your panties.


Olivia and I were sort of mates, not best friends but we did hang about together quite regularly. On one occasion, Olivia got a little over-excited as we chased around the school yard and, by accident, ran into Sally, the headmistress’s personal secretary. She went tumbling and ended up in a heap across a raised flower bed. To make matters worse, her loose-fitting skirt had blown up and over her back, leaving the panties, suspender and black stockings on display for all to see. Sally marched Olivia and me into Miss Forthergill’s waiting room, went into the inner office and came out beetroot with rage to tell us our punishment awaited us. I wouldn’t have minded but I was purely a bystander. But there was no point arguing.

After a serious dressing down, Olivia was draped head first over the headmistress’s knee and her skirt pulled roughly up. Olivia wasn’t wearing school regulation underwear but instead a pair of blue panties with a polka dot pattern. As I stood waiting my turn, I knew she would get extra for that. As it was, Miss Forthergill spanked her very hard for a good couple of minutes which had Olivia in tears before she was allowed to stand up. Miss Fothergill informed her that once my spanking was concluded, she would be punished for the uniform infraction. My turn came and across those familiar thighs I draped myself. As the cool air reached the backs of my legs as my skirt was raised, she wasted little time in administering a blistering spanking I wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

Afterwards, poor Olivia had to bend over her knee for a second time and, with skirt once again raised, had another 30 seconds of spanking to endure.

Geography field trip upper sixth:

We had a two-night stay in a privately run field centre on the South Coast where we had an outbuilding to ourselves. The six of us were in a dormitory designed for twelve, so we all had a lower bunk and Mrs Roberts, our teacher, was in the room next door. As always on these ventures, spirits were high and, when lights out came, we went quiet for a while but the whispers grew and eventually full volume was restored. Mrs Roberts burst in shouting at us to be quiet and silence was restored.

Mrs Roberts was very angry and told us collectively that if we wanted to behave like ten-year-olds we would be treated like ten-year-olds. We then had to form a line whilst she sat on the bottom bunk closest to the door. One by one, we had to go forward, bend over her lap and receive a firm hand spanking. The three of us wearing pyjamas were spanked over them. I was also still wearing panties which provided a little more protection, and the three wearing nighties had them pulled up and spanked over their panties.

However, to Mrs Roberts’ horror, Vicky was not wearing any panties at all when she pulled her thick nighty up, but that was her fault and that was the only school spanking I ever saw given on the bare bum. It probably didn’t sting any more, but the sound was noticeably different and you could obviously see the colour change.

After that we were quiet for the rest of the night and took the hint on the second night to at least talk in whispers.


Katrina was a frequent visitor to both Miss Brown and Miss Fothergill. She was often late and more than one late per week booked you a spot on Friday afternoons. One Friday, I was also in the queue when Katrina went in. I, too, had been late twice and was resigned to yet another couple of minutes looking at the carpet in the headmistress’s office. When Katrina went in, I was expecting the usual telling-off, silence, then the sound of hand on knickers. However, instead came the familiar whop of Miss Brown’s old faithful size 10 plimsole. Clearly, she had lost patience with Katrina’s lateness. I was fearful as I was next in for the same offence. I might get the same punishment! I counted 8 whacks before the silence descended and a tearful Katrina came out rubbing her behind vigorously. I just got the standard spanking over my knickers, and counted myself lucky. It still hurt though.

Finally, Polly:

Polly was a great mate and fell foul of one of only two male teachers in the school; Mr Jennings, who taught physics. Being an all-girls school, the subject of spanking was a thorny one for the male teachers. Should they send all pupils to the headmistress? She wouldn’t be too happy with minor offences always landing on her doorstep.

For obvious reasons, a male teacher couldn’t raise a girl’s skirt and actually laying a hand on their bottom would also be risky, even in those more relaxed days.

The headmistress’s solution was simple. Any girl who had earned a spanking would either hold out their hand and get a wooden ruler across the palm of each hand or, as usually happened, she would be invited in front of the other girls (for the teacher’s protection, I presume) to bend over, hold their knees and receive a spanking with an old plimsoll. There always seemed a good supply in schools in those days.

Not many girls went back more than two or three times, that was for sure. This was the fate the befell Polly. She had been daydreaming in the last lesson and was scolded by Mr Jennings twice, then must have missed him confirming his homework for the next lesson in two days’ time. When it came to the time to hand the books in, Polly looked crestfallen and had to admit to him she hadn’t heard him give the work out.

He called her out to the front of the class and told her to bend over with her feet 18 inches apart for stability, which she did whilst he went to his desk. He took out a plimsoll from the middle drawer. He calmly walked up behind and to the side and positioned the plimsoll dead centre of Polly’s bum, which made her jump. After a couple of gentle taps, he pulled back his arm and WHACK! The plimsoll struck home nearly knocking poor Polly off her feet. Three more mighty blows landed. Polly was blubbering by the time the third one thudded home. After the fourth, she gingerly stood up, rubbed her bum vigorously and slowly and gingerly sat back behind her desk. She didn’t forget physics homework again, so lesson learned, I suppose.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my memories. If any other readers have memories to share, I am sure Chas would be delighted to have them.