I would be honoured to contribute to discussion advocating the appropriate old fashioned form of traditional spanking, at your site.

I attended a very traditional old boarding school, way back when, though I will refrain from the exact year, as I do wish for a certain amount of privacy. I am a long retired lawyer, in Sussex, and enjoyed schooling there also, many decades ago. My boarding school was for prep and teenage lads, a tiny place in the Sussex countryside, and would be interested to discuss with like-minded people, both ladies or gentlemen, interested to find out and discuss more about the particular spanking employed. I am particularly interested to hear how ladies respond to such discipline, as it is often overlooked that it was administered with great care, and never in a raised voice or with harshness. I am now party to a wife who no longer lives, and I always regretted she never took interest in this important set of experiences. Perhaps someone here may.

I would receive perhaps one or two spankings per term, but only in secondary, in other words at the turn of teen-hood and on, for a good two to three years. My dear old Headmaster, Mr Knowles, was a quiet, stern old fellow. He was a long experienced Headmaster, and had been at the school for many years, even decades. His study lay at the back of the school, with great privacy and a feeling of confidence about it. It was a warm and softly furnished room, with one or two dim lights on at any time, including a corner lamp. He dressed always in a dark suit, and was very formal and serious. He would quietly scold, though never with violence in his voice. And then set about his spanking.

An armless large chair in the corner had a small kneeler beside it, and one was required to kneel there, lay over his lap, and raise behind, as he went about tucking layers beneath the bottom. This was all most orderly and methodical. Then his spanking would begin, which was steady and firm, and never ever violent. For this I will be eternally grateful to him. Due to the lack of harshness, my recollection of those silent spankings was that it continued for a good length of time, though I can never be sure just how long. These are experiences that I have a strange mixture of gratitude and resentment for, as I never believed I was truly misbehaving, though perhaps I was, and my gratitude was to be allowed to make up to him. A spanking from my old Headmaster was an opportunity to make right.

It was a very methodical, controlled spanking, and contained much warmth and seriousness. Mr Knowles’s voice was never raised, and it was very formal in its entirety. Do email me or respond if you wish to discuss more concerning what I believe with a very strong opinion to not simply be an important form of discipline, but in my own way an elegant, now almost lost art.