This is a true account of a severe strapping I received at school when I was in fourth year. I was about 16 and a little madam. I was waiting on Garry one cold winter’s day at lunch time. I knew school rules were; no one inside the glass doors. The toilets were in the girls’ entrance but nobody was allowed through the doors. It was so cold and I had the shortest skirt on as usual and it was nice and warm in there, so I thought no one will see me. It’s just for a short time.

I was daydreaming and didn’t notice Mrs Anhoury coming down the stairs. I wasn’t her favourite pupil.

“Margaret, what are you doing in here? You know school rules forbid it.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I was cold, miss. I’m just leaving.”

“So you think you can just swan in and out when you are cold, do you?”

I shrugged my shoulders again.

“You are an insolent brat. I think you can come with me to my classroom and at least your fingers will be warm when you go out,” she said.

She started to walk away. I just stood there.

“Come with me, girl. You’re just making it worse for yourself.”

She then walked back and caught me by the arm.

“No,” I said. “I’ve done nothing.”

“I’m warning you, Margaret.”

I then pulled away.

“Now girl,” she shouted.

I don’t know what came over me. “F off,” I shouted, and ran out the door.

The look on her face!

Garry was just walking up as I ran past Mrs Anhoury.

“Get back here. Now girl!” she shouted.

I just ran out the school gates. I waited on Garry, down from the school.

When he came, he said: “Margaret! She told me you swore at her.”

“I know,” I said. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“You’ll get it after dinner,” he laughed.

I’ll let him tell a bit now.

Garry says: I was just coming to the girls entrance to meet Margaret when she shot out the door with Mrs Anhoury after her. She ran out of the school gates. Mrs Anhoury knew we were together. 

“Tell your girlfriend she is in big trouble, Brown. I’ll catch up with her after lunch.” 

When I caught up with Margaret, we walked hand in hand to the park as usual. She had the shortest tight black mini skirt on, black shiny tights, knee length black boots, white shirt, school tie, grey jumper and school blazer. She had a hair band on her hair and full make up. When we reached the park we went to our usual snogging spot. She took her cigarettes out and lit one, I’ll let her tell the rest.

Margaret says: I had a ciggie to calm myself. Garry was turned on at the thought of what I was going to get. He cuddled me and put both his hands under my skirt and rubbed my bum.

I said: “You’re supposed to feel sorry for me.”

“It’s your own fault,” he said, as he kissed me hard.

“I was only keeping warm waiting for you.”

“You’ll be warm after dinner,” he said. “Well, part of you will be.”

I realised then how much trouble I was in; a really hard strapping off Mrs Anhoury after dinner, and probably a hiding off my dad when I went home. I wouldn’t be sitting very well tomorrow.

I started on my lippy as Garry had kissed it all off. I also applied plenty of lip gloss. “I might as well look my best,” I said as I slipped my rings off and put them in my school bag.

We made our way back to school.

When we got there, all my pals had heard what had happened. One of them said Mrs Anhoury and Mrs Jessiman had been looking for me at dinner. My heart sank.

“I might have known,” I said. “The bitch! I’ll get it off Jessiman!” She could strap a lot harder.

The bell rang. Garry hugged me.

“I’ll hang about at Mrs Jessiman’s classroom, see if I can see you getting it.”

He would enjoy that. I smiled at him.

“See you later!”

My heart was going like a trip-hammer. I lined up at the girls’ side. In those days there were tannoy announcements. Mr Cordiner read them out.

“Margaret Monteith, report to Mrs Jessiman’s room immediately. Get in now, girl. Don’t bother queuing up.”

All the girls cheered as I made my way in. I was nervous now. I knew I was in big bother. Mrs Jessiman’s room was at the top of the stairs. I climbed the stairs and opened the glass doors at the top. Mrs Jessiman and Mrs Anhoury were standing at the door. Mrs Jessiman had her strap with her.

“Come here, girl.”

I walked forward. The corridor was busy with pupils going to their classes.

“How dare you!” Mrs Jessiman shouted. “You are a foul-mouthed brat. What have you got to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, miss,” I stammered.

“I’m not even interested,” she said. “You know school rules regarding the belt?”

“Yes, miss,” I said.

I was rubbing both hands up and down my bum in an effort to warm them up a little bit as the strap on cold hands was really sore.

“Right,” said Mrs Jessiman. “Your behaviour these last two years has been terrible. I’ve phoned your mother at lunch time and she has told me to deal with you as I see fit.”

My heart sank. I’d get it tonight now.

“So, Margaret, I’m going to give you the maximum punishment allowed at this school. Do you know what that is, girl?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Yes,” Mrs Jessiman said, straightening the strap. “Twelve of the belt. Get your hands up side by side.”

I held them up. She stood in front of me, leaving the strap lying on my hands. She lifted the strap and brought it down with all her might. The crack echoed down the corridor. It hit me right in the middle of my hands. The next four were the same. I was crying. The sixth and seventh hit me across my thumb making me pull my hands away.

“Please miss,” I stammered.”

“Quiet!” She roared.

The last five were terrible. My hands were going numb, but I still felt them after she finished. I had to say sorry to Mrs Anhoury and go and sign the punishment book in the office because I had received the full punishment. I also had to get Garry’s mum to sign it. My hands were purple. His mum took me to the toilet. I couldn’t straighten my hands, they were excruciating.

I didn’t get my rings on for two or three days, and my dad thrashed my bare bum with the belt that night.