My second caning was in the second year at the age of thirteen. My school uniform had changed now and I was wearing long trousers rather than my shorts in the previous years. I felt invincible and much more grown up.

I loved sports and so frequently dodged my homework. I usually got away with it or got a detention at worst.

It was in a History lesson taught by Miss JM. She was a young teacher in her first year at the school. She was in her early twenties, petite, blond wavy hair and wearing a tight fitting blue dress and blue high heeled shoes. She was known as an easy going teacher so I was not too worried about not doing my homework.

On this occasion Miss JM asked us to hand in our homework and I made an excuse that I had forgotten my book. Miss JM seemed to accept this at first and merely told me to see her at the end of the lesson.

The lesson duly ended and I reported to Miss JM. She asked me if I had done my homework to which I replied yes. She then asked to look in my satchel. I knew I was in trouble now. I had my book in there which she found (what an idiotic mistake). She looked through it and demanded to know why I had lied.

I merely apologised and said I was frightened to admit that I had not done the homework. She told me that I was going to get a detention for not handing in my homework but that I had lied and not done it, so the punishment was to be a caning. I was told to report to her at the end of the day. I recall that it was a long day and I feared a second visit to the headmaster.

At the end of the day I walked to Miss JM’s classroom and knocked on the door. She told me to enter. I was told to stand in front of the room near her desk. I watched as she walked to the room at the back of the classroom. She entered and then walked back carrying a crook handled cane similar to that the headmaster had used on me the previous year.

It was at this point that I realised she was going to cane me rather than take me to the head. I had forgotten that all teachers could cane pupils. Miss JM flexed the cane as she approached me. I felt weak at the knees and had a sick feeling in my stomach.

Miss JM completed the punishment book before ordering me to remove my blazer. I was then told to bend over her desk. I heard Miss JM walk alongside me and felt the cane touch my bottom. I felt the cane tap my bottom before I heard the swish. I felt the pain shortly afterwards. Miss JM hesitated before lifting the cane for the second time. I recall the tears starting after the second stroke. Miss JM continued with the third and fourth strokes before telling me to stand up. I was told to put my blazer on and then dismissed with a warning that Miss JM would repeat the caning if I did not complete my homework in the future.

I rushed home because I did not want my mum to find out about my caning. As soon as I got in I went to my bedroom and inspected the damage. Miss JM had not caned as hard as the head but the four tramlines were still painful and very visible.

I am not sure if mum or dad ever found out about my caning. If they did they never told me. That evening I did all of my homework. Playing sport was too painful and I did not want my parents to see me in shorts.

Next morning all of my mates wanted to know the details and I was teased about being an idiot and leaving my book in the satchel.