A few years ago, my husband Andrew took me down to London to meet a friend of his who Andrew knew was well into CP. It was a hot day so it was pleasant to go indoors to cool off and his friend Ian had cooked a lunch for us which was very enjoyable. After lunch my first real CP session took place which caused great arousal in me. I would never have realised CP could have such an effect on my sexuality. Ian became a very close friend of both of us and still is, although his health now is quite poor. Ian’s occupation was actually a film producer at all levels of porn from top to bottom.

Andrew helped Ian with the computer aspects of filming like titling and also continuity and he also did second camera work as well. I did make up as and when required. Filming was done mainly at weekends but now and then it required a weekday so Andrew would take annual leave from his job to work with Ian.

We had children so if there was any weekend work or evening work, generally, Andrew’s parents looked after the children and they always welcomed them.

One film we made was done in a secure location on a weekday near the south coast. The hall part of the admin block was regularly let out for all sorts of requirements and I had made several films there, but more of those another time. The entire block was private and during the week was always available.

The film subject was adult evening classes and consisted of me and 2 other women that would receive punishment, plus 9 others as extras to make a class full of women. The story in brief was that we arrived and got into class and handed our homework books in for the teacher to mark there and then whilst she told us what she wanted us to study until she had finished doing the marking.

Obviously, I had forgotten my homework and she went to another office and brought back the principal with his cane. I had to go to the front of the class, raise the hem of my dress and lower my pants. The principal berated me for not having my homework and tapped the inside of my thighs to open them up and obviously everyone could see what I had between my legs. I got 6 strokes of the cane, was told to get dressed and return to my seat. I had been asked to have tears in my eyes and I did have which I did not have to force. The caning was genuine but not severe.

The other two girls also were called to the front of the class and told that their work was below standard and that they were to be punished. The teacher, a female, took out of the drawer a soft shoe, something like a pump, and gave each girl six on their bare bottoms whilst they were bent over the desk.

The film was padded out with girl on girl action from a dormitory aspect and then the principal found them out and sent them to his office, partially clothed, for each girl to get 6 strokes of the cane totally naked.

I was also spanked by the teacher for impertinence and my bottom and thighs were totally red when she finished.

Eventually, Ian shouted out it’s a wrap. The 9 extras were paid extras fees and they left and the two other girls got their fee. Ian then told us that we should join him for dinner at the weekend and the other 2 girls would be doing porn films until then. I think it was about 3pm so I drove back to our house after Ian gave me a rather big kiss and a lot of stroking of my bottom and a bit more.

Andrew went with Ian back to his flat with the cans of film and they quickly reviewed what was recorded and it was good and would make a 60 minute film. There were other bits recorded where the women were chatting to each other and so on. This film was not done on a fly on the wall basis, but shoot and cut every few minutes. Andrew came back about 6pm.

The five of us at the weekend then went to the Italian restaurant that Ian, Andrew and I often went to and we took a table on the ground floor with only two other couples there. Ian said that downstairs was a doctor’s convention and we could hear the clapping every now and then and also laughter. We had a great dinner with the two other girls enjoying it as well as they did not expect this.

After dinner, Ian suggested we all go down to the toilet, take our tops off and come out a few minutes later waving our tops above our heads. Ian knew that if he dared me I am prepared to call his bluff if I feel OK about it. I egged the other girls on and we all went down to the toilet which was in the middle of the large floor where the doctor’s convention was. I noticed, as we went in, there were a lot of women with the doctors so I assumed the do was with wives etc.

The dare was done and we came out waving our tops with breasts bare and went up the stairs, replaced our tops and sat down where we were eating before. Ian had watched from the top of the stairs and said that was great.

A few minutes later, a very well dressed doctor came up the stairs and came over to us and sat down at the spare seat. He asked Ian if he thought that what the girls had done was fun and Ian said yes. The doctor then talked to the three of us and pointed out that the women were far from amused and thought it was downright rude what we did. He asked us for our opinion and we all said sorry. He asked the three of us to come downstairs and when we were in front of the very long dining tables, he started to address the convention and he apologised on our behalf for the outrageous behaviour and asked everyone if that would be OK?

One lady stood up and said no. She came up from the back of the room towards us and for a moment I thought I recognised her but it then went away. She talked to the room and said all of us must be punished the old fashioned way for behaviour that was outrageous. She asked if everyone would agree and those that did not could leave the room and go into the room adjoining the room we were in. No one got up to move out and I could see smirks on some men’s faces.

This is where I realised that we had been setup by Ian. The woman picked up a cane from the floor and told us all to strip. Imagine a restaurant full of people, a cane just happens to be handy, no, truly a setup. We waited to see if this was the end of the setup but it was not and we were told to strip again or get double punishment. I immediately got into the scene and started to strip. The other girls then did the same.

When we were all naked, one of the girls was told to get up on the table in front of us which was spare and empty, face the room and place hands behind head with legs well apart. She got 3 strokes of the cane and then had to turn around, bend over and grab her ankles keeping legs well apart. 3 more strokes of the cane and then she was told to get down and the next girl told to get up on the table. Same procedure.

Then it was my turn and I was classed as the ring leader as I was first out of the toilets. I got 4 in each position. They were not severe at all. Then the other two girls had to get back on the table and we all had to have our backs to the room. Clapping and cheering then took place and I said to the other two, that is definitely a setup.

We then got down, dressed and went back up to our table. The two girls then went home as they lived quite local and they left in quite a jovial mood. I waited for Ian to return and when he did I gave him what for. I told him I did not in any way mind what I did and what was done to me but he could have been open about what was planned. He apologised and was quite taken aback as I had never ever before told him off.

The woman who caned us all came up and sat next to me and asked me if I recognised her. I said I felt I did know her but could not place her. She took off her wig and glasses and immediately I knew who she was. She spanked me at a pain and pleasure club that we left due to the cruelty inflicted on me by an idiot who gave me 2 severe cane strokes after quite a few happy sessions there.

She said her name was Christine and gave me her card and she asked me for our telephone number which Andrew gave her and she said she would like to call me in a couple of days and I said that would be fine. I felt a strange affinity to this woman who looked about my age. I am in no way lesbian inclined and she actually offered the same without prompting. She got up, and gave both Andrew and I a kiss and said she will be in touch. Something stirred in me.

The next day Ian came to our house and brought me a bouquet of flowers as an apology and I said do not do that again and he said he would not do that with me. He was good to his word from then on.

I should say that I did enjoy this set up but I never told Ian that as he could be very mischievous.