I was born in the late 1980s and raised in a very loving family. Mum was a teacher and dad a minicab driver. Whilst both were never harsh with me, as an only child they did their best to keep me on the straight and narrow. As I grew older and more rebellious, groundings were no longer enough and spankings, always administered by mum, started to become a part of regular life. She had been teaching in a girls school since the late 1960s, so she had probably seen her fair share of bottoms ripe punishment.

From the age of 10 or 11, the spankings usually consisted of hand on skirt or trousers, or if I had been an extra special pain in the bum, over knickers, never on the bare. By the age of 16, spankings were not needed and that was the end of that. My final one was as a result of me trying to nick a packet of sweets from Mr Khan’s newsagents shop. Mum really gave it to me that day when Mr Khan took me home in shame. She insisted he stayed to watch and pulled my skirt up and whacked me for a good 5 minutes. I was in bits by the time she had finished and never did anything like that again.

Fast forward to 2015, at the ripe old age of 27. I had a shop on just off the high street of our town, selling fashion accessories, hand bags etc. These attracted a lot of interest from the local girls school around the corner, and not all of it welcome. It soon became obvious that not everything leaving the shop was being paid for so I had CCTV installed and soon snared some shoplifters. Just before I closed on Thursday, a gaggle of girls had come in and left without purchasing anything, but I could clearly see three of them who I had seen before, pocketing some earrings and bangles. I was determined to be ready for them next time they came in.

Brazen as anything, the same three came in on Friday, again, just before I closed. They were the only ones in the shop and I managed to drop the catch on the door without them noticing and uploaded the video from yesterday onto my laptop screen. Moments later, they tried the door and looked surprised then worried that it would not open. When I asked if they had anything they should be paying for they all shook heads and flatly denied the accusation. Very well, I turned the computer around and showed them the video from yesterday and their shoulders visibly dropped.

“Now,” I said. “This is a bit of a problem we have here. Turn out your pockets.”

They hesitated.

“NOW!” I bellowed.

Between them they had 2 lipsticks, 3 sets of earrings, a ring and a few other pieces of stock.

“That lot comes to £35.50, plus, I estimate, £45 to £50 from yesterday. How do you intend to pay for that then?” I probed.

After much shuffling and sideways glances, it was clear the answer was, ‘we can’t’.

“Right then, what are your names, ages and forms?” I requested.

“Jane B, Miss, 18, upper sixth.”

“Mary M, Miss, 18, upper sixth.”

“Nicola A, Miss, upper sixth, oh 18, Miss.”

So, they were all together and it was clear Mary was the leader of this little coven.

“OK, that is all on tape now. So, how about I ring the police and let’s get this sorted?”

“No Miss!” they pleaded as if one voice.

“Please Miss,” sobbed Nicola. “Please, anything but that. Mum and the headmistress will have my guts for garters, Miss.”

She was clearly most repentant and that cast my mind back to poor Mr Khan when I had done the same to him. He told mum not the police and, although at the time I hated him for it, I was so grateful a few days later.

“OK, so what do you suggest? That I just let you go? That’s not going to happen! OK, two choices, and you all have to agree. Either I call your head teacher and the police and show them the video tonight, or I unlock the door, you go home, return the stolen goods this evening, and we deal with this the old fashioned way. Your choice!”

Two blank looks from Mary and Jane, but a slight smile from Nicola.

“What are you talking about?” Asked Mary.

I looked at Nicola and said, “Are you going to tell them, or shall I spell it out in words of one syllable for the slower members of your little group?”

Nicola sighed deeply and told them, “The lady is giving us the choice of the police, school and our parents finding out, or return the goods and take a spanking. Am I right, Miss?”

“Give the girl a gold star,” I replied. “And I need a reply right now,” I said, picking up the phone.

“I accept, Miss,” sniffled Nicola, resigned to the inevitable.

“Fine, fine, have it your way,” Jane said.

“Are you being serious?” blustered Mary, not quite believing how serious the situation really was.

“Mary,” shouted Nicola. “You pushed us into this. I am not getting my reference to UCL ruined for a few trinkets and a sore bum. Yes, Miss,” she continued. “We are all agreed, and I am sorry, Miss, honestly.”

The other two deserved what was coming, but I did feel sorry for Nicola as clearly she had been bullied into this in the first place.

” Right, home and back here at 6pm, sharp!” With that, I unlocked the door.

‘What have I let myself in for?’ I thought as they left. I had acted in anger, which was fading, but I still had three errant young ladies to deal with, and nerves were kicking in now as I watched the clock slowly turn from 5 to 6pm.

Yes, I had been over mum’s knee more times than I cared to remember, but I had never spanked a soul in my life. Too late now. The clock ticked to 5 minutes to 6. I grabbed a chair and stood it away from the desk and the boxes piled around the large but well-stocked room, and then there was a quiet knock on the door. I pulled myself together and thought it was time to put on my game face.

As I unlocked the door, I told them to come in and go straight through to the stockroom at the back of the shop. I locked the door, drew the blind and turned out the lights. I didn’t want any inadvertent interruptions. The girls had changed out of their uniforms and were all in light summer dresses as it was about 25 degrees outside and they looked more like young women now.

“I am glad to see you came back; good decision. Now, where are the items you stole before?” I demanded.

They put the items on the table, far more than I had bargained for, so this must have been going on for some time before I spotted them.

“Wow, err, there must be £200 plus in stock there!” I was truly shocked and felt much happier about what was going to happen now. ” Well, I hope you are all completely ashamed of yourselves. You are not just stealing from a shop, this is my livelihood, my job, the food on my plate. Have you anything to say for yourselves?”

“I am so, so sorry, Miss. So sorry. I am ashamed, yes, and didn’t mean you any harm. We have done wrong, and I accept anything and everything you are going to do,” sobbed Nicola.

“Oh shut up!” said Mary.

“Thank you, Nicola, for those words of regret. I will go easier on you than the other two, but you will still be spanked as well. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss. Thank you, Miss. Can we get this over with, Miss? I am a bag of nerves.”  Nicola was not taking this well.

“Yes, let’s get on. You first, Nicola, and you will be done with, but you will have to stay and watch the other two get their comeuppance as well,” I told her.

“What do you want me to do?” asked the poor girl, slightly confused and very flustered.

I hadn’t banked on having to explain spanking to an 18-year-old, but her goes, I thought to myself. I sat myself down on the chair and looked at the terrified young woman.

“Just come her, sweetheart. I’ll do the rest,” I said as gently and with as much warmth as I could muster.

She stood next to me and I held out my arm and took her hand, ever so gently pulling her forwards and across my lap. She got the idea and bent over, laid on my lap with her toes just about touching the floor and her hands on the carpet in front of her. I put my left hand on her back to keep her still. I smoothed the skirt of her thin, light blue coloured cotton dress and, as I saw her navy blue knickers showing though the material, I couldn’t help thinking she hadn’t thought this through very well.

“Ok, honey, just keep still and it will be over soon.”

One more gentle rub, and I raised my hand and delivered the first spank. Neither of us knew what to expect as neither of us had been in this position before. How much did it hurt her? How hard should I do it? Questions that needed solving in the next second or two. Smack, the second spank struck home, then two more, alternating each side of her surprisingly soft bottom, clearly not a sporty type. She didn’t cry out, but was crying again and I continued for a few more spanks. I could feel the skin beneath the dress getting hotter and my hand too was stinging and glowing slightly.

“You are doing very well,” I said kindly. “Only a few more to go.”

Five or six spanks later, I told her, “That’s it, it’s all over. Get yourself together and stand over by the door.”

Nicola lay there sobbing for a few more seconds, then gingerly got off my lap and, to my amazement, turned and said, “Thank you, Miss. Maybe if my mum could be bothered disciplining my brother and me, I wouldn’t have been here today. I am truly sorry for what I did.”

“Thank you, Nicola,” was really all I could say. “Right, Jane, you’re next. Come here.” My tone was less welcoming to this girl. She had the idea and walked over slowly, then lowering herself into position. Once again, I put my hand on her back, smoothed her dress, which was somewhat thicker than Nicola’s, and was ready to begin. Slap, the first spank hit, somewhat harder than Nicola’s, followed quickly by 3 more. These reverberated around the stock room and were clearly getting the message over. My hand was stinging quite badly and there were muffled grunts as my hand connected with the thinly clad bottom before me. After about a dozen, the message was getting home. Her bottom was stinging and she was crying. I continued for another minute or so and ended with four quite hard spanks, two to each buttock.

“Right, young lady, have you learned your lesson?” I enquired.

“Yes, m-miss,” was the reply, and the tears flowed freely.

“Well, get up and stand next to Nicola,” I ordered. “Right, Mary, get yourself over here.

I think you have seen what you need to do by now. Bend over and get ready for a good spanking.”

Mary tried to front it out, sauntering over and laying across my lap as if it happened every day. That said, for all I knew in her life it may well do. Once again, I put my hand on her back, smoothed her yellow dress and couldn’t help noticing how short and thin it was, offering little protection. Below, I could see and feel she was wearing white lace panties, which all made me think she didn’t get into this position very often, if at all.

“As you are clearly the ring leader, you will be punished more than these two over here. Any complaints and you will get even more. Do you understand me?” I was getting good at this.

“Yes, Miss,” was the weak reply.

Smack, smack, smack, smack. I shot off four hard, quick spanks which took her by surprise. She was not the only one who was surprised. Blimey, did they hurt my hand! I was much firmer with the spanks, but her bottom was like iron. Clearly, she was the athletic type. However, I couldn’t let her know this, so I continued. After a couple of minutes, I did what my mum did to me, taking the hem of her dress and peeling it back so it was draped over her lower back, holding it in place with my left hand. She was going to say something, but clearly thought better of it. Her bottom glowed already through her lacy panties. I fired off another couple of dozen smacks and eventually the pain was becoming too much for me to take.

“Right, madam, up you get and stand over there!”

I was amazed when she turned around, as she had tears streaming down her face but showed no sign of crying when over my knee.

“Now, I hope you have learned your lesson. No second chances. Steal from me again and it will be the police. Have I made myself clear?” I lectured.

“Yes, Miss,” came the chorus from the three girls.

With that, I unlocked the front door and sent them on their way, each of them gently rubbing their backsides. My hand was stinging badly. I don’t know how mum spanked me so hard for so long. Obviously, all those years of teaching must have been a factor. The girls never came to the shop again, but I did occasionally see Nicola in the street and she always said hello.

When I got home, I told my partner about the events of the afternoon.