I was 14 and my older sister 17 or 18 when this occurred. To this day, I have never mentioned it to her. She would have died of embarrassment at the time, and later there seemed little point. After all, she was no stranger to mum’s lap, and was spanked a couple of times a month for one thing or another.

Mum was very fair, but used her hand on our bums when it was required. She always spanked us in her bedroom so no one else would see, or so she thought! On this particular day, I came in after going to the park after school, and shouted I was home like I always did when I came in. Silence.

I popped my head outside into the garden; no one to be seen. This was odd as the front door was not locked.

I was just about to shout up the stairs when something told me not to. I put my school bag down quietly and tried to be silent. I crept up the stairs as I was sure I could hear quiet voices. I reached the landing and now the voices were quite distinct. It was mom and my sister, April, and the sound was coming from mum’s bedroom. Instantly, I understood what that meant; spanking time.

With a rush of excitement, I crept closer and closer to mum’s room, making sure I stayed well clear of that creaky floor board outside April’s room which was next to mum’s. If I didn’t know better I would have suspected mum had made it creak just to keep tabs on us sometimes.

I could hear clearly now and noticed that, although the door was pushed too, it was not fully closed and there was a small chink of light coming from mum’s room into the darker corridor. Ninja-like, I eased myself up to that crack, desperate to see what was going on. I had clearly missed the usual telling-off punishment routine and I, to this day, have no idea why April was about to receive her spanking. Truth be told, to be honest, I didn’t care. Who wouldn’t delight in knowing their elder sibling was going to get a spanking from mum? Add to that, I hoped to at least hear it first-hand. As a 14-year-old lad, I could feel the excitement building at the prospect. I listened intently, realising that I might have to bail at a second’s notice. I wasn’t paying 100% attention to the dialogue, I was actually using my shoulder to very, very carefully ease the crack open a smidgen to hear better, but the door started to swing open slightly and I could now see clearly what was happening.

I felt as though my heart was going to burst out of my chest as I panicked about being spotted.  I need not have worried, they were far too caught up in the moment. I can’t swear hand on the bible the conversation is 100% accurate; my thoughts were elsewhere, but it went pretty much along these lines.

“I am sick and tired of your excuses, April. Every time we try to sort this, you say you’ll do better and then 2 weeks later we are back here again!” mum chastised her. I presume she was talking either about her attitude (typical teen) or her school work.

“Look, I am sorry if I am not perfect mum. Who is? I’ve said I’ll sort it, and I will!” April argued.

“April, darling, I love you so much, and that is why I am going to punish you,” mum told her.

April rolled her eyes. Clearly, this was neither news, nor the first time similar words had been exchanged.

“Well, I didn’t think we were in your room to swap fashion tips.” April’s face was a picture, even she knew she had gone too far now.

“Very well, young lady,” said mum.

I strained and could just see mum pulling out the stool from the dressing table and she sat down on it, smoothing her trousers as she did so. Ah, I had been in this very position last month when my friend Lenny and I had broken a window playing football. She had me across her knees with my shorts round my ankles as she spanked the living daylights out of my boxer-covered bottom. I rubbed my bottom as the memory came back. A burr of movement brought me swiftly back to my senses. Mum had pulled April across her knees. I could see her bottom very clearly as it was the closest part of her to me except her feet, which were kicking up and down quite quickly.

I couldn’t help but smile, but things were just about to get better still. Mum took hold of April’s flowing summer skirt and pulled it sharply up, exposing her knickers; bright blue ones which almost but not quite covered her bottom. I couldn’t believe my luck. Then without hesitation, mum began to spank my sister right before my eyes! Mum’s hand struck up a steady beat with two smacks on one bum cheek then two on the other, backwards and forwards up and down. It looked like mum was making sure every millimetre of April’s bottom would eventually feel the smack of her hand on it. Soon, mum had spanked the tops of her thighs too. Both thighs and her bottom around the edges of her knickers were quite red now, and the kicking of her legs had all but stopped. The sound of the spanking was now accompanied by the sound of sobbing.

Until now, April had not uttered a sound, no ouches or anything. She had been stony silence. Mum continued with her spanking and showed no signs of slowing down or stopping. But, just then, smack and then silence, apart from the crying coming from the other end of my sister. My end was bright red with a pair of bright blue knickers plum in the middle.

“Alright April, you may get up now,” Mum said.

The crying continued, but after a few seconds April pushed herself back up onto her feet and her skirt covered her bright red button and thighs once more. April steadfastly refused to give into the pain and rub herself, clearly not wanting to give mum the satisfaction.

Realising the danger, I eased the door back to, and silently slunk down the corridor into my room and pushed the door shut. I sat on my bed trying to rationalise what had just happened. Should I be so excited at seeing my sister spanked like that? I was sure she would enjoy seeing me in the same position, so I thought why not.

I hear mum go downstairs and April, still sobbing a little, go into her room. Blast! My school bag! Then I released I had left it by the coat stand so it would be out of sight. I hung about for a couple of minutes and then silently retraced my steps down the stairs and back to the front door. Making sure I had not been heard, I opened the door and shouted ‘hello’ again, picked up my bag and went into the kitchen where mum was making dinner.

“Mmm, that looks tasty, mum,” I said cheerfully, hoping my face wasn’t too red.

“It’ll be ready in an hour,” she said flatly.

“April not home yet?” I enquired.

“Yes, she’s upstairs doing some studying, I think. Best leave her to get on,” said mum, not letting on she had just had my sister across her knees with her skirt pulled up.

“OK, will do,” I said turning and grinning like a cat. If only they knew!