My friend, Vivien, and I were at the local shopping street getting a few things for a sleepover I was having at her house. My mum was going to a work conference and she had asked Myra, Vivien’s mum, if I could stay over. We stayed over at each other’s house probably once every month or so, and we both looked forward to it. The last time but one we got into a fight and Myra had asked mum’s permission to spank me as she needed to do the same to Vivien. My mum gave her permission and told her if she ever needed to again, just do it, and the offer was reciprocated.

Myra had just finished her shop at the local grocery shop and we went into a shop called ‘Jane’s Sweet Emporium’ which sold a myriad of modern and old-fashioned sweets. It was nearly 6.00 pm and the shops were all closing. Vivien had gone in with £5 but had been warned not to spend it all. We filled the basket with sweets and paid for them, and were just heading back outside to Myra when one of the ladies grabbed us both and we stopped dead.

Myra stared in astonishment as the lady said, “And what about the items you didn’t pay for? Those in your pockets, girls!” She stared at us and then at Myra. “Are you their mother? I think we should all go back inside, don’t you?”

“I am this one’s mother, this is her friend,” Myra said as we went back inside. “Empty your pockets. Show the lady that you haven’t been stealing.”

Viv turned a shade of red and then started to cry as she pulled out two bars of chocolate from her jacket pocket and I did likewise.

“Viv, Jo, I am totally disgusted by the pair of you. What on earth were you thinking of? You have bought £4.00 worth of sweets, why steal these?” She was very angry.

“I am sorry, it was me that egged Vivien on,” I admitted. “It was just a childish prank. We didn’t mean anything from it,” I said to the lady, who, like Myra, was not at all impressed.

“Do you have any idea how much stock gets stolen every year? I am trying to run a business here!” shouted the woman.

“Here,” said Myra. “I will gladly pay for the stock and take these two home. Rest assured, this is not the end of the matter, not by a long way.”

“If they were mine they would feel the back of my hand,” the shopkeeper said.

“We are not far apart on that. It will be the palm of my hand you two will be feeling across your bottoms as soon as we get home. Now you two apologise to the shopkeeper.”

“I am sorry Mrs, I never thought about the implications,” I said honestly.

Between sobs, Vivien also apologised.

“Home!” Myra barked and we trudged back to Vivien’s house more or less in silence.

Thankfully, Myra had calmed down by the time we got back to their house. The house was in darkness as she opened the door and we trooped in one behind the other. Vivien was basically a good kid and rarely got into trouble.

“Jo, I am seriously wondering whether I can have you over for sleepovers anymore after this,” Myra said. “Vivien, you were stupid to go ahead with the idea. Go and get changed into your night clothes whilst I put the shopping away. When I call you, come down and I will put you both across my knee.”

This left us in no doubt that she had meant what she had said in the shop.

Once in Vivien’s room, which had an oversized set of bunk beds, a desk, dresser, large wardrobe with full length mirror, bookcase and bedside table, I finally had a chance to talk to Vivien.

“Vivien, I am so sorry. I never thought we would get caught. I’ve never done anything like that before. I am so sorry you got dragged into this. I will tell your mum the same and see if I can get her to just punish me.”

“No chance. If she has made her mind up then that’s it,” said Vivien as she quickly undressed down to her matching skin-tone pink bra and panty set before putting on her night-gown, which came down to just half way down her thighs. It was loose-fitting with a lace trim.

“Well, there is no harm in trying,” I said as I took off my trousers and jumper before putting on my pure silk pyjamas. I kept my black bra and lacy panties on, which again I would not normally do at home.

Vivien was clearly very on edge, and when her mum shouted up the stairs that she was ready for us, and we should come down, Vivien went a very pale colour. We both put on our carpet slippers and, after I gave her a hug, we went down stairs.

“Myra, I am sorry about all this,” I said. “It was me that came up with the idea and it was me that put the chocolate in Vivien’s jacket pocket.”

That bit was untrue, but I did hand it to her, and I think she felt she couldn’t do anything else at that point. So, I fully understood that I had a spanking coming, and probably a good one too.

“Please, not Vivien, she is the hard done to party here,” I pleaded.

“Jo, I do appreciate your honesty, but Vivien is old enough to make choices for herself. Today, she made a very poor one, so I am afraid I will be spanking both of your behinds. End of discussion,” Myra said, shutting down that discussion.

I had noticed Myra had brought into the lounge one of the stools from around the breakfast table in the kitchen, which she now walked over to and sat down on.

“Jo, if you would come here please. As you are mainly at fault here, it only seems fair you should be spanked first.  Are you wearing panties under your pyjamas?” Myra asked.

“Yes, Myra, I am. Why?” I replied, knowing what the answer would be as I walked over to her side.

She took hold of the waistband of my pyjamas and pulled them down. Being made of silk, they just fell and pooled around my feet. I stepped out of them and stood there in my black lace panties.

“Jo, bend over and let’s get this over with,” Myra said.

As I leaned in I realised that the stool, with Myra sat on it, was actually quite high and I only just managed to bend over her lap without assistance. My toes just about touched the ground but my hands were hanging freely. My bottom was sticking straight upwards and it was just a matter of a few seconds before Myra’s hand started to make contact with my bottom. My panties gave next to no protection and the sound of her hand slapping against them was loud and it bounced off the plastered walls of the lounge.

Spanking at a steady rate of one spank every three or four seconds, she soon had my attention as my bottom became more and more sore. Thankfully, after not much more than about two to three minutes, she was content I had been spanked sufficiently and pulled me back upright. I was glad she did. I was not sure I could have managed it myself from that angle and position.

“I hope that has taught you a lesson, Jo. I am still not sure if I will allow you to sleep over again after this. Pick up your pyjama bottoms and stand next to Vivien.”

I had not intended to rub my bottom, but for some reason I could not resist, not that it eased the pain at all.

“Sorry, Myra,” I said once again.

“Vivien, it’s your turn, Come here and bend over my knees.”

Slowly, Vivien did so. Being some four or five inches taller than me, she did not look as ungainly as I must have done and her night-dress rode up her legs as she bent over. Her mum pulled the night-dress all the way up and over her plump but shapely bottom. She wasted no time in spanking her daughter’s bottom. Vivien’s legs kicked about and both her carpet slippers fell off as soon as her mum’s spanking began. I did find it strangely exciting watching someone else being spanked in front of me. After 25 or 30 seconds, Viv began to cry. I can only think that as she was spanked so infrequently, she found the pain much less bearable than I did. I could see her bottom and the tops of her thighs becoming blotchy and red.

Her mum took pity on her and after not much more than a minute rubbed her daughter’s bottom and said quietly, “OK love, I think that is enough for you. Up you get.”

As she did so, Vivien’s night-dress fell back into place, hiding her glowing red bottom.

“Now, I suggest you two go upstairs and make up. Come back down when you are ready and we will watch a DVD,” Myra suggested.

“Ooh, that looks sore,” said Vivien, gently touching my bottom.

“Yes, although I am glad she went easy on you. I’m sorry I got you into this mess in the first place,” I said as I pulled my panties off carefully and pulled on my silk pyjamas.

A few minutes later, we made our way back down stairs and settled, carefully, on the sofa for the film and a bowl of sweets.

The following afternoon when mum picked me up, Myra explained what had happened and suggested the next sleepover should be at our house. Mum was not best pleased and was minded to give me another spanking, but Myra said she had given me a far harder and longer spanking than Vivien, so perhaps I had been punished enough.