When I was about 10, we had a winter of snow which lasted a long time into April and where we all got used to throwing snowballs at school. Most teachers didn’t mind kids being kids, but they did object to being the target as I found one day to my cost.

We were throwing snowballs before school when the whistle went as the teacher on duty came into the playground to line us up. Now my friend just caught me a good one with a snowball as the whistle went, so I decided to re-pay in kind. So I grabbed some snow and threw it with all my might.
Unfortunately I didn’t notice the teacher had strode into the way, and the snowball, to my horror, hit her straight in the neck. It was certainly the best shot I ever had with a snowball in my young life, but the target was unfortunate.

Sadly, the teacher did not appear to have much sense of humour at the incident and, ignoring my mumbled apologies, she told me to stand with my face to the wall, hands on head.

I did this as the teacher got everyone else lined up and, after an exhortation to stop throwing snowballs when the whistle went, got the pupils marching into school. I wondered what fate waited me. Would I be sent to the head for my crime? I was not long finding out as the teacher, obviously most annoyed, told me to take my coat off and report to her in the hallway.

I did so, and received a right telling-off and told to, “stop when the whistle goes!”

I nodded obediently but this did not save me from what followed as the teacher sat down, pulled me over her knee and proceeded to take out her annoyance by raising my skirt and spanking my up-turned bottom.  She smacked hard and I was so reduced to tears. It was also most embarrassing as some kids stood round to watch the show before they went to class. I knew what their chief topic of conversation would be for the rest of the morning.

I went to my class with very teary eyes and a burning bottom. I had to explain to my classroom teacher what had happened and got another telling-off and was made to stand in the corner. I didn’t mind that much as it was preferable to sitting on a hard seat with a freshly spanked bum.

When eventually I took my seat and sat down very gingerly, the seat appeared hard and unyielding to a sore bottom. I looked longingly at the snow outside. I could have done with it to cool my bum down.