A friend of mine introduced me to your website earlier this year and I’ve enjoyed reading many of these spanking memories, so I’ve decided to share my own. My memories are not from childhood but from college during those years between childhood and adulthood. My spankings occurred from ages 18 to 20. Here are my spanking memories from my sorority days in the early 1970s. In those days every sorority used the paddle, either in initiation and/or as punishment. I don’t know if any sorority still paddles today (some do: ed), but any former sister who graduated from college before 1990 who says they didn’t paddle is lying!

I started my freshman year of college in the fall of 1970. I joined a prestigious sorority, which I will not name, at a prestigious women’s college which I also will not name. My mother and grandmother had both been members in their college days and it was important to them that I join. A friend of mine whose sister was a member of the sorority told me they used the paddle for discipline. I asked my mother about it and she confirmed it. Paddling was actually common in fraternities and sororities in those days. I then told her I wasn’t sure I wanted to join a sorority where I might get spanked, but she told me the discipline would be good for me, and that if I behaved and followed the rules that was nothing I had to worry about.

Most of the hazing at this sorority was pretty tame, nothing compared to the many horror stories I’ve heard from other fraternities and sororities. The first time I ever felt the paddle was during the initiation ceremony when all the new members lined up, dropped our panties, and had one of the older sisters give us each one smack with a paddle. It stung a bit but it was no big deal.

My first experience with a punishment was towards the end of my freshman year when I failed to attend a required sorority event, and I was given the choice to pay a fine or get a spanking. I didn’t want to give up most of my month’s allowance so I chose a spanking. I went to an office in the sorority house where my big sis (in a sorority, your big sister is a senior girl who takes you under her wing) spanked me in front of two witnesses who were also senior sorority girls. When I arrived at the office, the senior girls first lectured me on how important it was to take my responsibility to the sorority seriously and then told me to take down my shorts and panties and go over my big sis’s lap. My big sis was sitting in a chair and holding a black paddle that was about the size of a ping pong paddle with our sorority’s letters emblazoned on it.

Going over her lap was a very strange sensation.  I had not been in this position since I was 9 or 10 years old. My big sis put one hand on my hip and rested the paddle on my bottom and asked if I was ready. When I said yes, she began to paddle my bare bottom over and over. Soon I was wriggling and kicking like a little girl. I don’t know how long the spanking lasted but it felt like a long time. My bottom was hot and sore, and I felt the spanking again when I sat down in the dining room for dinner that evening!

My sophomore year, I moved into the sorority house where the other new house members and I were informed of the rules and the penalties for breaking them. There was a room on the first floor of the house called The Bum Room.

The women’s movement was in full force in the early 1970s, but my college still had a curfew for female students, while men, of course, could come and go as they pleased! The big sisters assured us that the curfew would be enforced in the house. Sunday to Thursday, we had to be home by 10.00 pm, by 11.00 pm on Fridays and 12 midnight on Saturdays. After being informed of the curfew and other rules we were told that if we broke any rules we would be taken to the room on the first floor where we would be spanked by the house mother. Our house mother was a former sister in her late 20s who was working on her dissertation for her PhD at our college’s partner university.

My second spanking, and first experience in the Bum Room, was later that same semester when I was late returning back to the house one night. When I entered the house one of the big sisters, who was sitting at the desk by the door that night, looked at me and grinned, told me I was past curfew and to go to the bum room. I walked in the room and saw another sister already in there facing the wall with her arms above her head, flat against the wall, and completely naked from the waist down, wearing only her t-shirt. There was a big sis sitting at a desk doing her schoolwork. She told me to take off my skirt and panties and stand against the wall. I took my place standing there in only my Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and my thigh high socks (it was the 1970s) and asked the sis next to me how long we had to stand there.

“No talking!” the big sister shouted.

Aside from the desk she was sitting at, the only other furniture in the room were two chairs and what looked like a small pummel horse like you might see in a gym. At midnight our house mother and another sister walked into the room and the house mother asked what our punishment would be.

The big sis who had been by the door told her what time we had come home and then announced, “Sarah (not her real name) will receive a 3-30 and Sally (not my real name) will receive a 4-40.”  This meant that Sarah would receive three swats of the paddle and then spend 30 minutes standing bottomless against the wall, and I would receive four swats followed by 40 minutes of wall time. Unlike the ping pong size paddled I had been spanked with before, this paddle was a long rectangular one with a few holes in it.

I watched as Sarah walked over to the horse. The top of the horse was at her mid stomach, and she lifted herself over it and grabbed the legs on either side of it to steady herself. Her feet were off the floor and her backside was completely exposed. It looked like a most humiliating position to be in; one I knew I would be in myself in a few minutes! The house mother then stood behind her and gave her the three hard whacks of the paddle. Sarah yelped in pain after each smack and was crying when it was over. The sisters then helped her up and pointed her back to the wall and then gestured for me to go over to the horse.

Like Sarah, my feet were also off the ground once I get myself settled over the horse, and words cannot describe how vulnerable I felt in that position. I heard the paddle swing and smack loudly against my bottom, and then felt a searing stinging pain. I didn’t expect to yell out but I did. Before my brain could fully process what had just happened, the second swat came, and then the third. When the fourth swat hit my bottom I let out a sound I let out a scream, and I had tears in my eyes. My two big sisters each took an arm and helped me up off the horse and took me over to the wall where I spent the next 40 minutes with my bottom throbbing.

When I woke up the next morning, my bottom was badly bruised and I definitely felt it each time I sat down the rest of that day!

My third college spanking was one that I’m quite sure was not sanctioned by the sorority, which is the main reason I’m not saying its name. By the end of sophomore year I had broken several rules, missed a few mandatory events, and once stayed out all night. Two of my big sisters, who were our chapter’s leaders, called me into a meeting and told me that I would have to pay several fines and possibly face a more significant punishment like expulsion from the sorority, or I could choose a special punishment and my slate would be wiped clean. I had a feeling that I shouldn’t take the special punishment, but I did. When I agreed to it, both sisters tried to suppress maniacal smiles.

The first weekend of April, our house mother was away to spend the Easter holiday at her home. That Saturday morning, one of the big sisters knocked on my bedroom door and told me to be in The Bum Room at 12.00 noon. I got there and my big sis told me to take everything off and to assume the position against the wall (flat against it with my arms above my head and hands flat on the wall). I took off my jeans and panties and started to head towards the wall when she stopped me and told me to remove everything. I was stunned but went ahead and took off my t-shirt and bra and stood against the wall.

A few minutes later, my other big sis came in and she had her boyfriend Tommy (not his real name) with her. He was the president of our brother fraternity at our partner university and he was your stereotypical frat boy; tall, handsome, and athletic, and I was standing there naked against the wall wishing I could just disappear.

One of my big sisters announced that to wipe my slate clean I would be punished with a ‘2-4-6’, which they explained would be a 2-minute spanking over Tommy’s lap, followed by 4 swats with the paddle and then 60 minutes of wall time. Both girls were giggling and Tommy had a big smile on his face. Tommy then sat down in one of the room’s chairs and one big sis took my arm and started leading me over to him. I’m not sure why I bothered but I remember that I used one arm to cover my breasts, or at least as much of them as I could cover, and placed the other hand over my pubic area, trying to remain modest as I walked across the room.

He smiled at me as he grabbed my waist to pull me down. I gave him a small half grin as I lowered myself, but in truth I was miserable. I slowly draped myself over his lap, and he then took his time adjusting me over his lap until he found a position he liked. One sister had a small kitchen timer which she set for two minutes, and Tommy started spanking me with his extraordinarily strong hands. At first it just stung a little, but soon it really started to hurt. I started to wriggle around uncontrollably, so he wrapped his left arm tightly around my mid waist to hold me tightly and firmly in place and continued to spank hard. He spanked me one cheek at a time, back and forth. When the kitchen timer finally dinged, he gave me a few final hard swats right in the middle of my bottom.

He then started rubbing my bottom and said, “That wasn’t so bad was it?”

“Okay, now the paddle!” one of my sisters exclaimed.

Tommy helped me up, placed his hands on my shoulders, gently massaging them as we walked over to the horse (keep in mind that I’m still completely naked!) where he gently helped me over. Once I was over the horse, and completely exposed, it was decided they would each give me a swat with the paddle. Tommy would start, then each sister would give me one, and then Tommy would give the final blow. Each swat stung and I yelled out after each one, but I managed not to cry. After the fourth swat I quickly pushed myself off the horse and hurried over to the wall to begin my hour of wall time, pressing my body firmly against the wall until Tommy left the room. My punishment was kept off the books and my slate wiped clean as promised. I later found out that I wasn’t the only girl subjected to a ‘2-4-6’ punishment.

On one occasion I was over an hour late to a mandatory sorority event, so my sorority big sis came to my room one evening and asked me if I would rather pay a fine or take a spanking. I chose the spanking, so she left and came back with her paddle, had me pull my pants and panties down and lean over my bed, and she paddled my bottom right there with my roommate watching. It was embarrassing to have my roommate witness it but it was also so normal in our sorority that it wasn’t a big deal.

During the summer term, again on a weekend while the house mother was away, I saw another sis leaving The Bum Room crying and blushing, and when I later asked her if she was ok she gave me all the details. I then shared with her my experience which made her feel better.

Each time I saw Tommy around campus or at a party, he would wink at me and I would blush and put my head down while trying to hide a smile. Even after all these years I still think about that spanking over Tommy’s lap, and while it was humiliating at the time, I sometimes fantasied about taking a second spanking from him!

I spent my junior year studying abroad in France, so my bottom was spared any spankings that year. My fourth and final spanking was during my senior year and, again, for breaking curfew, but the big sis who was monitoring the door that night was a good friend so she let me off with one swat and 10 minutes of wall time, so it wasn’t so bad.

I remember my time at college fondly and I loved my sorority and my sisters. I’m still close friends with many of them, including one of the girls who sentenced me to the 2-4-6. Many of you who were born after the 1970s may find my story shocking but it was the norm back then, and while I’m glad that my daughter won’t be paddled when she starts college in a couple of years, I wouldn’t change a thing about my college experience.