I have enjoyed reading about sorority experiences on your website. I myself trace my interest in spanking to my sorority days. I went to a prestigious women’s college from 1990-94 and joined one of the oldest sororities in the country. I wasn’t really interested in sororities, but I pledged because my mother, aunts, and grandmother had all been members in their college days, and it was important to them that I join.

Before joining, another recruit told me she heard that they use spanking and paddling for discipline. I asked my mother and she said it was true. I hadn’t been spanked as a kid aside from getting a few minor swats on my bottom for misbehaving, and I didn’t like the idea of being spanked like a child, but my mother basically told me that if I followed the rules I’d have nothing to worry about, and that if I didn’t that I should accept my punishment and that it would be good for me.

My first real experience of being spanked was at the end of the fall semester of my freshman year, and it was quite an experience. I even remember the exact date; Friday, December 21, 1990, the day before my 18th birthday! It was the day after final exams had ended, just before we were about to go home for the Xmas break. I had broken a few rules and I, along with a few other new freshmen members, had been brought before the senior sorority sisters and sentenced to be spanked as punishment.

I went to the sorority house that afternoon at 4.00 pm where all the sisters were gathered for the end of semester meeting. When the topic on the agenda titled ‘Housekeeping’ was announced, our sorority president announced it was time to punish the sisters who broke rules.

I was first up. A chair was placed in the middle of the room, and my big sister, the upper classwoman assigned to be my sorority mentor, sat in the chair and told me she was sorry she had to do this but hoped I would learn. If she hadn’t been grinning while she said this, I may have believed her. She ordered me to take off my skirt and lay over her lap, which I did. Too my shock, once I was in position she placed her thumbs inside my waistband and pulled my stockings and panties down to my mid-thigh.

I think I exclaimed, “Are you serious?” as I heard a few giggles and gasps around the room from the girls seated around the room.

To say it was humiliating to have my bare bottom exposed to an entire room of at least 25 girls is an understatement.

“I hope this serves as a warning and a lesson to all of you about how seriously we take the rules,” she announced before she started to spank me. And she spanked me HARD! She slammed her hand down, over and over, moving from one cheek to the next, in the middle, down right below in that tender spot at the top of the legs. It hurt like hell, but I was stoic. She continued to what felt like an eternity, and when she stopped I was grateful and thought that it wasn’t so bad, until the president announced that since I was a legacy I should know better and would also get a dose of the paddle.

She then handed my big sis one of our sorority paddles that was shaped like a ping pong paddle, and she started paddling my bottom ferociously. I managed not to cry, but was definitely wailing and yelping in pain pretty quickly.

Eventually, she let me up and I gingerly pulled up my panties and stockings, put my skirt back on and went to sit back down while the next girl received her spanking.  My bottom was on fire and sore as hell, but afterwards my big sis hugged me and we all went out for drinks to celebrate the end of the semester. It took quite a few drinks to get over the embarrassment!

I was spanked a few more times by my big sis over the next semester, but never in front of the whole sorority house again. Those happened either in her room or the sorority house office, though it was still embarrassing because the house’s walls were like paper, so anyone around could hear you were getting spanked.

For a few minor offences, my big sis would have me come to her room to get spanked or paddled, and afterwards have me stand in the corner, nose to the wall.  For one more serious lapse, my spanking was in the office in front of the sorority president and vice-president where I had to bend forward and grab my ankles while given 10 hard whacks with the long paddle that left my bottom bruised for a week.

My big sis became one of my best friends, and many of my sorority sisters did become like family to me. It’s difficult to explain but even though some of the experiences were embarrassing, being naked and spanked in front of my sisters and witnessing their bare bottom punishments kind of made me feel closer to everyone. I’m not sure why, but it did give me a lifelong interest in spanking!