I was 16 and entering 10 grade. Where we lived it was normal to take this school year at a school where you also lived. Schools were both for boys and girls.

One day in early spring, all the girls in my class, there were eight of us, decided to skip class and go down into the small town and eat lunch at the local grill bar. Our main reason for doing this was we did not think we were learning anything new compared to our previous 9 grade, so we were all very bored.

Of course, eight missing girls in one class was noticeable and our absence was discovered. When we got back from town, the principal waited for us and told us we were all suspended for a week on what he called a ‘thinking break’, and only if we promised to follow school rules would we be allowed back in school.

After that, one after another of us had to follow the principal to his office where he called home and informed our parents what had happened, and that we were suspended. My parents were extremely disappointed and my dad came and collected me after work that afternoon.

On the way home I got the speech about how he was paying good money for me to go to a good school and I was expected to be at school when it was school-time and not anything other than that. I was expecting him to say I was grounded for the whole week of suspension because I had at this time not been spanked since I was 14.

Dad started by saying that had been very naughty and very disobedient and acting like a much younger girl. Then he said my mom and he had decided I was grounded for the week and, on top of that, when we got home we were going to my room where I was going to get a spanking. Depending on my behaviour during the grounding, mom and he would decide whether or not I will get spanked again before returning to school.

When we got home, dad took me by the arm and marched me into my bedroom to give me the promised spanking. As in my other memories, daddy always spanked me on my clothed bottom, and always with his hand. When I was younger I would most often get double my age, but dad informed me this time the spanking would stop when he thought I had learned my lesson.

Then it was over his knee and, as always, he spanked very hard even over my jeans-covered bottom. Just as when I was younger, I was soon crying then sobbing and bawling not like a16-year-old, but more like 8 or 9-year-old getting spanked.

After about 5 minutes, the spanking was over and I was still crying a lot. Dad hugged me and as always informed me that him and mom loved me, then informed me I had to stay in my room till I was called for dinner. I cried for a long time in my room and also looked at my very red sore bottom in my mirror.

At dinner I had trouble sitting, but mom did not allow me to get a pillow to sit on while eating dinner. I was told while being grounded I was to do all the work school had given me so I did not get behind and I was to help around in the house too and I had to do this without complaining to avoid getting spanked again.

It was hard to undergo all this without complaining. Even if there was a small fight with my mom, all she had to do was remind me of what would happen on Sunday afternoon if I did not behave myself.

I did manage to stay out of major trouble, so I did not get spanked again and daddy drove me back to school. During the drive, he informed me any more misbehaviour would mean we repeated the spanking and I would also have to finish school in a public school.

When we arrived at school dad and I had a parent/teacher conference with the principal, dad made me promise to behave. He said he wanted to be called in the event of any misbehaviour, even the smallest thing, because that would mean I had broken my promise and could not be trusted anymore.

I did behave good for the rest of the school year, and for my parents too until I moved out from home and became a mother myself.