When I was thirteen, I was caught in possession of a magazine which was deemed inappropriate. Actually, it was being passed around and I was unlucky enough to be caught with it. Everyone was a bit shocked that a ‘nice girl’ like me should be in possession of such a document and I was post-haste removed from my gym lesson to see the school counsellor.

She was a really nice lady who appeared very understanding at my contrition and appeared to believe my story that I had just happened to be caught with it. She told me the thing would go no further and that she would see to it my record was not affected.

I was really grateful, but then she said I needed a reminder not to let it happen again, at which point she got up and took a small paddle out of the drawer of her desk. Now the sight of a paddle is enough to promote anxiety in any schoolgirl, as it is a most effective way of warming a young girl’s bottom. My butterflies increased as the counsellor sat on an upright chair and invited me to come to her. I had a horrible feeling as to what was coming next.

Those feelings were realised as the counsellor took my arm and gently guided me over her knee. She gently told me that this was the reminder I was due and then proceeded to paddle the seat of my thin gym shorts firmly as I squealed and yelled. By the time she finished, my butt was on fire and I was howling.

When she let me up, I actually danced around holding my butt. I really couldn’t help it. She smiled and gave me a hug and told me I could stay with her until I stopped crying. That took a bit of time while she did some paperwork and I frantically rubbed my butt, but eventually I left the office trying not to make it obvious I’d been spanked.

I spent the rest of the day sitting on a sore rear but standing whenever I could.
Luckily, at home, my parents were understanding about the matter and felt I had indeed been punished enough, so I got away with a lecture and an early bed. As I lay on my tummy, I couldn’t believe this nice lady could give such a spanking, but also realised there was more than one method of counselling!