My wife was raised in a fairly conservative household. Her mother was not a prude nor was she overly controlling of what Michele was allowed to wear and what she could do for activities, but there were certainly issues with appropriate dress at times and consequences if rules were challenged or violated.

Growing up in Southern California, Michele spent a lot of time in a bikini during the summer. This was fine with her mom as long as she was wearing it appropriately. Mom was not okay with Michele walking around outside of the pool area or beach with just a bikini on.

During the summer Michele, her younger sister and her friends would lay out in the back yard to tan, or go to a friend’s house to swim or go to the beach. So, for most of the summer the girls were in bikinis if the sun was out. If they went to the store, a fast food place, gas station or just some place for a quick errand they would at most throw a T-shirt on. It was mainly for convenience because they didn’t want to get dressed and throw shorts and a shirt on because their bikinis were wet and they didn’t want to get the clothes they were going to wear home wet.

Michele would usually just throw a T-shirt on and, depending on the shirt, some or all of her bikini bottom was completely exposed. Obviously this was done out of convenience and being lazy but Michele admits that she liked the attention. Her butt is definitely her best attribute and even today in her mid-40s it’s still great.

Earlier in the summer, Michele’s mom would see her washing the car in a bikini in front of the house or walking down the street in her usual T-shirt and bikini bottom from her friend’s house. Her mom started taking issue with this. Her mom felt it was inappropriate to walk around like that if she wasn’t at the pool or beach.

She started to get on her about it and told her she didn’t want to see her walking around like that outside of the house. If she wasn’t laying out in the back yard, on the beach or the pool, she was told she was to put shorts on or a towel around her. There were the usual arguments and, in usual teenage mindset, she thought her mom was being ridiculous.

So, as you can already figure out, Michele wasn’t always compliant with her mother’s order and she would get caught violating the rules set by her mom, especially when she was confident that her mom wouldn’t be home or wouldn’t find out. Michele wasn’t always doing this as an outright defiance, but she didn’t agree with her mom since all her friends did dressed like this too, so she just complied when her mom was around; but she did get caught a few times and her mom was getting sick of it.

The last straw came when Michele was walking into the house in her usual short T-Shirt and bikini bottoms. This time Michele had her bikini top in her purse. She figured that since she didn’t have big boobs like her friends it wasn’t a big deal to go without her bikini top if she had her T-shirt on.

However it was quite obvious to her mom that she wasn’t wearing anything under the shirt. Michele wasn’t expecting her mom to be home from work yet anyway and she had one of those old Sony Walkmans with the small headphones on so she couldn’t hear her mom calling her name as she walked up to her from behind.

Seeing that her 16 year old daughter had once again disobeyed her, even after scolding her several times for this, her mom was mad. She needed to be a bit more forceful and make her daughter understand that she meant business. Once she was close enough, she gave Michele a really hard swat on her rear. It startled Michele enough to get a mild scream out of her. She instinctively reached back to cover her rear like she has since she was a little kid.

Her mom warned Michele that if she caught her walking around like that again she was going to “bust her butt”. Even though that swat was delivered with just her mom’s hand, landing on her very small bikini bottom it stung and she knew better than to argue for fear of getting more, or worse her mom getting the paddle out. That was to be feared.

Michele was no stranger to corporal punishment. She had been on the receiving end of her mom’s paddle more times then she could count. As she got older, spankings were less frequent but her mom was always clear to Michele and her younger sister that age didn’t matter, and if they earned a spanking they would get one no matter how old they thought they were.

By this time Michele had not been spanked in almost a year. Her mom still threatened her with them and still used the ‘warning swat’ to get her attention and remind her that she was close getting a spanking with the paddle.

On this particular day, roughly two weeks after Michele’s confrontation and warning swat from her mom, Michele had gone to a Water Park with her two friends. They went in her friend Jeanelle’s car which was a piece of crap ’77 VW Rabbit. This was the prototypical teenage girl car in the ’80’s. This particular VW was fond of not starting on hot days after you parked it. It had some weird electrical gremlin that would short something out and nobody could ever figure out the problem. They were almost home from their day at the water park when they stopped at a 7/11 to get something to drink before going home.

They bought their drinks and, as they got back to the car to go home, yes, you guessed it, it wouldn’t start. The pay phone in front of the 7/11 was out of order, so they had to walk. This was 1983, so every kid didn’t have an iPhone. Cell phones didn’t exist as we know them in the US yet.

They were less then a mile away from Jeanelle’s house so they grabbed their purses and drinks and started walking. Now of course they are dressed in their bikinis. Her friends this time decided to put on shorts before they left the car. Jeanelle and Michele’s other friend, Margie, wore their bikini tops but had shorts on over their bikini bottoms. Michele decided to throw on her usual T-shirt and stay in her bikini bottom.

On this day, Michele was wearing a particularly small blue bikini. The bottoms were a string bikini with a small royal blue triangular piece in front connected by a little piece of string fabric to a small Royal Blue and White patterned back and were barely big enough to cover her rear.

Her mom actually had second thoughts about letting her buy that bikini. She felt it was a little small and maybe too sexy and mature for a 16 year old but they both liked it so she agreed her daughter could get it. This would later be a mistake.

The girls put the convertible top up on the Rabbit, locked it up and left the VW in the parking lot. Jeanelle’s dad or brother would come for it later and get it started. They started walking to Janelle’s house; three 16 year old girls walking South on one of the main streets in town; two well-endowed girls In bikini tops and small shorts and one cute little auburn haired in a T-shirt and tiny blue bikini bottom. This little show was getting a lot of attention from males in passing cars going in both directions.

Unfortunately for Michele, it also got the attention of her mom who just happened to be heading to the mall with Michelle’s younger sister. Michele’s Mom, seeing the girls, recognized the blue and white bikini bottoms and the distinctive Auburn hair of the little one in the middle. It was Michele and her mom was fuming.

Her sister recalls all her mom said when she saw the girls was: “What the hell,” and “I’m going to blister that girl’s butt when I get her home”.

Her mom sped up and changed lanes to get to the curb side lane. She got the brakes on hard as she pulled up alongside the three girls on the sidewalk. She pulled up so fast that it startled the three girls when the tires screeched as the wheels locked up. Michele’s mother lowered the passenger side window and yelled at the three girls to get in the car. They were shocked but they complied.

These girls have been friends for years so they knew Michele’s mom well and loved and respected her. They knew from Michele that her mom was strict and that she had no reservations about taking the paddle to Michele’s butt. Margie had even been at the house when Michele’s younger sister got it a couple of times so she knew it was the real deal. But they had never had Michele’s mom angry at them. They actually said later that they were scared. As they followed Michele into the back seat of her mom’s Honda Accord they weren’t sure what they were getting in to.

As the three girls settled into the back seat, Michele’s mom angrily turned around and scolded the three girls for walking around like that. She made it clear that she didn’t approve of it and that Michele knew better. After yelling at the three girls for a minute she said that she would drive Margie and Jeanelle to Jeanelle’s house and that Michele was going home with her and wouldn’t be able to go anywhere later.

After a few “yes mam” responses and apologies, the two to three minute drive to Jeanelle’s house was silent. They got to Jeanelle’s house. Michele’s mom pulled into the driveway and Margie and Jeanelle got out. They thanked Michele’s mom for the ride and said goodbye to Michele. They knew Michele was in deep shit and they just said goodbye with a look like they felt bad about leaving her but were way too relieved they were not joining Michele on her fate.

They weren’t sure what she was in for, because Michele’s mom didn’t say anything about what fate awaited Michele, but Margie and Jeanelle knew that Michele stood a good chance of getting her butt tanned with the paddle.

As they pulled away from Jeanelle’s house, the drive home was silent. It was about a 3 minute drive home from Jeanelle’s house. Not a word was said. Michele pretty much figured she was going to get spanked, but her mom wasn’t saying anything. She thought that maybe she felt she was getting too old and wouldn’t spank her, even though her mom had said she would  if she caught her again. She also had to be some place with her sister so maybe she would spare her.

The drive seemed shorter then usual and as they pulled into the driveway to their house, her mom still had said nothing.

Her mom said to her sister: “Wait in the car,” then to Michele she said: “Michele, in the house now!”

This wasn’t good. Michele got out and walked toward the front porch. As she got the keys out of her purse to unlock the front door, her mom still had not got out of the car. Michele felt vulnerable as she was keenly aware of her butt sticking out from her T-shirt. She walked into the house and wasn’t sure what to do next. It seemed like minutes had passed and her mom still had not come in, so Michele went into the kitchen, put her purse/bag on the counter and washed her hands in the sink.

When she was drying her hands, she heard the front door open. She recognized the footsteps on the hardwood floor entrance as her mom’s but the footsteps stopped when she stepped onto the carpet in the family room.

Michele was nervous, knowing she had a spanking coming, and she was getting more nervous and confused that events weren’t happening as usual. She listened for the hall linen closet door to open as her mom retrieved the paddle, but she didn’t hear anything.  She expected her very angry mom to come into the kitchen and order her to her mom’s room where they always got spanked. But when she didn’t come in right away, Michele was tempted to call out.

Just then her mom came in to the kitchen holding a belt. Michele was really scared. She had never got the belt before. Her mom had a paddle that was made by her grandfather just for spanking. It had no problem bringing the girls to tears. It stung like hell over panties, which was how it was delivered most of the time.

Her mom said nothing about the belt as she entered the kitchen. She grabbed Michelle by the left arm just above the elbow and started marching her out of the kitchen to the family room.

Michele started crying and saying: “Mom, no! I’m sorry, no.”

She was covering her butt with her right hand the whole time she was being escorted to the family room, pleading the whole way and resisting as her mom pushed her along. As Michele struggled, her mom gripped her arm tighter so her finger nails were digging in to the soft flesh between the bicep and tricep of her left arm. It hurt to resist but she was terrified of what was coming and she was starting to panic a little.

Her mom stopped her at the arm of the couch and ordered her to bend over. When Michele resisted, her mom pushed her over the arm causing Michele to fall forward bending over the arm of the couch. It was a fairly large couch and the arms were tall enough that Michele’s legs couldn’t touch the ground. Her mom held her down by putting her hand on the small of Michele’s back.

As Michele was bent over the arm of the couch, the angle was awkward enough that she couldn’t do much except move her legs. She had no way to push away with her feet.  Her mom started spanking her with that belt. The first swat landed with a loud ‘snap’ noise but seemed like it didn’t hurt that much. There was delayed reaction from the nerves being overwhelmed but when the neurons finally registered what happened, the stinging pain arrived just before the next swat landed right on top of it. The sting was so intense that it took her breath away.

Three or four swats landed before she could even cry out. Michele doesn’t remember exactly how many spanks she got, but it was a lot. She remembers she couldn’t get up or roll over to stop the swats and the angle made it hard for her to reach back and cover her butt like she usually does. All she could do was squirm, kick her legs and spread them apart trying to do anything to keep the belt from landing over and over on the same spot.

Michele always gets wedgies on her right side. It doesn’t matter if it’s panties or a bikini, they always ride up on the right side. This was no exception and she could feel the more intense sting on her bare skin where her bikini was riding up.

After what seemed like forever, her mom stopped spanking her. Michele jumped up, grabbing her throbbing bottom, rubbing and squeezing her butt trying to mitigate the pain while crying her eyes out like a 10 year old girl.

Her mom told her to obey her rules from now on and they wouldn’t need to do this again. Michele apologized and promised she would do as she was told.  Her mom hugged her and sent her to her room. She said they would talk when she got back from running an errand with her sister. Michele went to her room and cried for what seemed like an hour before she fell asleep.

That was the first time she was spanked with the belt but unfortunately she earned another spanking with the belt less then a year later. However, the effectiveness of corporal punishment in this case is clearly evident. After getting spanked with the belt she never did that again. In fact, to this day, Michele still does not do walk around in a bikini in what she feels is an appropriate time. Yes, she can still pull off a bikini at 47, but she keeps a sarong handy. She also instilled the same modesty in our daughters but they were not as hard-headed and never needed to be punished for anything like that. That spanking left quite an impression and modified Michele’s behavior for life.