I was 14 at the time my Aunt had bought a new house. She had invited her 2 friends around for a couple of drinks and to see the house. I was allowed to play out till 7.30 pm, then I had to be in to get bathed and ready for bed before her friends came.

I was having a great time with my mates. I forgot the time. It was 8.15 when I got in. My Aunt wasn’t happy, her fiends were there too. I was told to go and get a bath and go to the dining room for my punishment. As the bathroom was down stairs in this house I could hear the ladies talking and I heard Mrs H telling my Aunt how she used a hairbrush on her son’s bare backside till it was red raw. Then Mrs D started saying she caned her kids and they never sat for two days.

As I was getting dried, my Aunt shouted for me to hurry up. As I never wore PJs, I only wore a T-shirt and tanga underpants and walked into the dining room expecting four strokes of the belt across my bare bum. My Aunt brought out a cane and she told me to drop my pants and bend over the chair. The following I was not expecting especially in front of her friends.

I received 8 strokes of the cane. The first 3 were hard and fast, the last 5 she took her time and made sure she left her mark. The next 3 strokes were harder and the tears were streaming now. The last two were even harder.

I heard one of her friends say: “That’ll hurt for a while. Kids of today deserve it.”

My Aunt sent me to bed. I couldn’t put my pants on, it hurt that much.

After her friends had gone, she tided up and came to my room to inspect my bum. I thought I was going to get another spanking as she told me to get up and lower my pants again. She left the room and came back with some cream to rub into my bum, and told me to expect this punishment again.

3 weeks later I received the same punishment again for breaking a window playing football, and this time she made sure I didn’t sit for 3 days.