I only have given three spankings in my life which was back in the late 1970s. I have not seen that girl since then until this weekend. My wife and her are now friends who met because they have a common hobby which take either day trips or weekend trips.

Starting at the beginning, I was 16 and in high school. I liked to play table tennis (ping pong) with friends. One friend was more into tennis but had a friend who was obsessed with table tennis. He was only 15 and was too young to drive, but wanted to go to this club which was an hour away and met on Tuesday nights and on Saturday mornings. He offered to pay for the gas so I decided to try it out. I had fun playing but most players there were better than me. I did meet this one girl, Sandy, who was 14 and was cute. We ended up going on long walks, holding hands and kissing. After a few weeks, we were in my car and I made a move putting my hand up her shirt and she just froze. I felt bad and stopped and we went in to play table tennis. The following week I decided not to go up anymore, not because she didn’t let me feel her up but because I felt bad that I scared her.

Weeks passed and I got a card in the mail. She wrote on it in tiny letters, ‘I miss you,’ and signed it.

After another week I decide to go back up and she was there. She understood that I was 16 and wanted more, but she was not ready for anything more than just kissing. So we decided just to be friends who kissed, held hands and talked. After week or so she told me something she had never told anyone. She said she wanted to be spanked as a therapy thing. I just listened and, even though I did not understand, I agreed to spank her. She wanted to be spanked with my hand only on her bare butt over my knee.

My car was a 1970 Chevy Caprice so there was plenty of room in the back seat. She told me not to stop until her butt was dark red, and not to stop just because she was crying. I was a 16-year-old who had a 14-year-old girl across my knee with her jeans and undies down to her knees. It did not take long for her butt to turn pink, then red, then a little purple. I told her I was finished. She pulled up her underwear and jeans, gave me a kiss and said, “thank you,” and I held her in my arms until she stopped crying. The next time I went up, she thanked me for being a good friend. We played table tennis, went for a walk and held hands and kissed some more.

A few weeks later, she told me she craved another spanking but this time wanted it to be embarrassing. We thought it out a little and came up with the idea that on a Saturday morning we would go to a park a few towns over where no one would know either of us and we would pretend she was my sister who dropped a pack of cigarettes with other children around, but no adults, and I would tell her that that was going to get her ass whipped by dad when we got home. She would promise never to smoke again then beg me to spank her instead. I would agree but would tell her it would be just like at home, her being nude. She asked here? I said no in the woods and if any of these kids followed us they will get to watch.

Back then, they did have a lot more words than nowadays. We were just going to look for a place and work it out and come up with more details later but since the conditions were right she whispered to me now is the perfect time, let’s do it.

There were six kids, four boys two girls, and all followed us into the woods. It was warming up so I took my jacket off and just dropped it on the ground because I was going to see Sandy naked for the first time. This was the girl who would not let me even feel her up but was going to get undressed and let me spank her. She started to undress and I was staring at her but then decided to look at the other kids looking at her when I noticed one of the girls was probably around 12 taking my wallet out my jacket.

I told Sandy to stop and went over to the girl and grabbed my wallet out of her hand. She said she was sorry. Her brother was there yelling at her and thought she should have learned her lesson from getting caught shoplifting last month. I said Sandy’s spanking is off and I’m going to report this to the police. It was just a bluff. Her brother really wanted to see Sandy spanked. We did not use our real names. A compromise of me spanking his little sister a few feet away in private with her pants and panties down then Sandy would get spanked. I gave her a quick spanking. She barely cried but I felt she did learn her lesson.

Now it was time for Sandy to get undressed. This blew my mind. I could never undress in front of strangers and be seen completely nude without dying of embarrassment. There she was standing waiting to go over my knee. It was not as long as the first spanking I gave her but her butt did turn red. When I was done I told her to stand up to and put hands on her head for one minute before getting dressed. After about 45 seconds of everyone really starring, just guessing on time, I told her to get dressed then we had to get to our car without them seeing us because I did not want them to know what kind of car I drove.

On the way back to the table tennis place, I thought she was going to be upset and hate me, but she thanked me and said that was what she needed for a while but it wouldn’t be the last one. It was. A short time later I started dating a girl on my street. I never went back to see her or play table tennis there again.

Fast forward 40+ years and she and my wife met when she found out my wife’s last name and mine. She put two and two together and when I picked my wife up all three of us went out for food and drinks. She told my wife how I helped her be what she is today and how I did the spankings as therapy and not as a sex thing. I kept my mouth shut and did not say what a turn-on it was for me. Sandy was retired and a widow, and was raising her three grandchildren because her daughter divorced and puts getting high before raising her kids. She went on by saying that none of her three children were spanked for punishment and thought the idea of spanking for therapy to them was strange. She went on to say that the gene must have skipped a generation because her 12-year-old granddaughter understands it and gets it and will be just like her. I really do not think there is a gene.

She even asked if I would be available to give another therapy spanking next month. Somehow, my wife agreed to this but would have to be there. I know my wife isn’t into spankings. Sandy also mentioned that her granddaughter would be there too. My first thought was, wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Then I realized that she likes the embarrassment part. Then I thought that the spanking with her granddaughter there would be embarrassing for me. Then I thought, say nothing and be grateful that my wife is going along with this.