While some might argue that ‘bishop’ M was just doing his job in spanking us, I have no doubt he enjoyed these sessions. If he had wanted just to give us correction, he could have really busted our tails. Instead, he gave us a lot of light swats with a light paddle that stung, but really did not hurt; that is, when he did not use his hand. I think he did things the way he did because he liked being in control.

In our cult compound school, we went to school from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. We had to wear uniforms that consisted of the following:

Boys: Dark blue slacks with a white dress shirt, black socks and black loafer shoes.

Girls: Blue, black and white plaid skirt with a white blouse, and white ankle dress socks with black Mary Jane shoes that had one strap that you buckled.

It was approximately November of 1957 when trouble found its way to me again. It was about 2:00 p.m. and I was in ‘sister’ G’s 4th grade class. Beside me was my good friend, Cathy. Marisa was sitting behind her, and Geri was in front. In front of me was Paula.

When ‘Sister’ G left the room for a moment, Marisa, with a devious look on her face, said: “Let’s go hide in the storage closet.”

“Why?” I asked.

“So when the teacher comes back she’ll think we just left.”

I knew it was a dumb idea, but I was bored and in need of some adventure.

Geri said: “C’mon, let’s go,” and the five of us got up and went to the closet to hide. Just before Geri closed the door, she told the class not to say anything, which was met with giggles and the nodding of heads. As the door closed, she turned on the light and I looked at all of the assorted books and supplies that were on the shelf.

“Look!” Cathy said with excitement as she showed us a box full of new Marks-a-lot felt tip markers.

As she opened the box, Marisa grabbed one, removed the lid and said “I like the way these smell.”

We then began probing for other goodies when we heard ‘sister’ G ask: “Anybody know where Geri, Rachel, Cathy, Paula and Marisa are?”

Suddenly I began to think that maybe this was not such a hot idea. Then I heard the teacher inquire again as to our whereabouts, which was followed by a few laughs. Suddenly the door opened and there was an angry looking ‘sister’ G.

“What do you think you are doing?” she asked loudly.

“Hiding,” replied Geri. “We were just playing a joke.”

Then ‘sister’ G saw the opened box of markers.

She said: “You all had no business in here whatsoever! Follow me.”

We went out into the hall and down to ‘bishop’ M’s office.

As we walked, I heard Marisa say in a low tone: “I knew it was a stupid idea.”

As we arrived at his office, ‘sister’ G opened the door and directed us inside. As we entered, bishop M turned around to see what was going on.

The teacher then said: “I went out of the classroom for just a few moments and these five girls left their seats and went to hide in the classroom storage closet for a joke. Not only that, but they opened a new box of felt-tipped markers and no telling what else.”

“I’ll take care of it,” he said in a non-chalant tone, to which she replied: “Thank you,” and left.

He looked at us for a moment and then said: “Well girls, being in the fourth grade should be enough education that you would know better than this, but I guess you need a reminder of 30 swats.”

He then got up and told us to sit at the bench to his right. He removed his jacket, hung it on a nearby coat rack and then stretched his arms like he was getting ready to workout.

He then sat back down, motioned his hand toward his lap and said: “When I call your name, come here lower your underwear to your knees, bend over my lap and grab the chair legs. Any argument or hesitation will result in more.”

“Geri, you’re first,” he said.

Geri got up and walked to his right side. She reached up under her blue, black and white plaid skirt and lowered her panties, then bent over and grabbed the chair leg.

He pushed her all the way onto his lap and she made an ‘uhh’ sound as she landed. With his left hand he pulled her skirt all the way back, exposing her small pale derriere, and then placed it on the bare exposed small of her back.

Geri had very pale skin which contrasted with her long dark hair pulled into a ponytail with a blue bow on the end. As bishop M rubbed and patted her butt a few times for the warm-up, I heard her inhale through her teeth. Then he gave her the first ten spanks spaced about 2 seconds apart.

She soon squealed: “Ahhh hahh,” and began crying.

He paused for about ten seconds, as he always did, and said: “Don’t ever go into places that you don’t belong!”

Then came the second set of ten spanks.

Geri cried even louder and began crossing and uncrossing her feet, to which the principal commented: “Quit moving your legs unless you want more.”

She replied with a broken: “Ok,” as he delivered the third set of ten spanks.

She was crying and said: “I won’t do it again. I promise.”

He finished the set and she lay there for about 30 seconds.

He told her to get up and return to the bench, which she did promptly.

“Ok Rachel,” he said, as he looked in my direction.

I got up and walked to his side. I reached under my skirt to lower my panties and pushed them to my knees, which sent a shiver down my back. Like Geri before me, I bent over and grabbed the chair leg. Just as I did, I felt him pull my skirt back and then push me onto his lap. As he placed his left hand on the bare small of my back I remembered how rough his hands felt.

Than I felt his hand tap a few times, which made my butt and legs tingle. Then the first ten hit and I gripped the legs hard as I ‘took in’ the first few blows. As his hand found its target, that strange painful, but also enjoyable prickling sensation soon enveloped my entire backside.

As he paused, his left hand pressed harder on my back, which was somewhat uncomfortable. Then he gave me the second set of ten spanks and I tried to shift my backside a bit, but I didn’t have much success. I looked under the chair and saw my black shoes bobbing up and down a bit as I received each swat.

During the third set I saw and felt my panties sliding farther and farther down my legs until they were at my ankles. I could also feel my brown pigtails swishing around as I moved my head up and down. After the last swat, he reminded me of why I was lying there and then told me to get up. I pulled up my panties and, as I returned to my seat, I could see the worry on Cathy, Marisa and Paula’s faces.

“Paula,” he blurted as he pointed a beckoning finger towards her.

The red-headed, and pale complexioned girl got up and began crying, perhaps hoping that it might help, but of course it didn’t.

She paused at his side for a moment, which made him say: “Hurry and lower your panties, please.”

Still crying, she reached under her skirt, lowered them and bent over. As he pulled her skirt back, she began crying a bit louder and then made an “uhh” sound like Geri did as he pushed her onto his lap.

As she began receiving her first ten spanks, I watched intensely as his tanned large hand struck her small rounded, but very pale butt. I felt weird, but for some reason I enjoyed watching the delightful bounce it made on each smack. She cried in a medium tone as being too loud brought additional swats.

As the second set found their destination, I would focus on how she would tense up on his lap and then relax, which made her hips rise a bit. By the time he was finished with the third set, her butt was a light pink all over. He scolded her a bit and then let her up.

Then it was Cathy’s turn. She glanced at me quickly with a worried expression, then lowered her panties. As she began to bend over, he took his left hand and in one move pulled her skirt back and pushed her into position. She too began wining a bit as he tapped his hand on target zero. When the first ten came, she jerked her head up shaking her blonde dog-ear curls all over.

As set 2 arrived, she cried a bit louder and made soft “ow” sounds as his hand smacked her little bottom. She too shifted her legs but was careful not to do it too much. Finally the last set came, and her butt too now had a nice pink glow to it.

Last, but not least, was Marisa. Marisa was of Italian descent and had a nice tanned complexion. As she bent over into position, she pulled her skirt back and lowered herself onto his lap. He told her that he did not tell her to pull her skirt back herself and that was another five for not following orders.

‘Good god,’ I thought. ‘He looks for any little infraction he can find.’

As the swats began, she started crying immediately and making “ahh” sounds every other swat or so. Like the others after me, I was fascinated at the way her butt bounced after each swat.

Since she earned’ an extra five, he included it on the last set, so 15
whacks found their way to her backside. She really cried louder and, like Geri, apologized by saying: “I’m sorry for what I did.”

As she lay there after the last swat, he said: “Apology accepted. Now get up and you girls get back to class.”

Marisa stood up, pulled up her panties and joined the four of us who were starting to head toward the door. As we walked back to class, I could still hear Paula and Marisa and wondered if anyone else found spankings exciting. I wish I had the nerve to say something, but I couldn’t.