I was about 17, lived at home, and was on my day off. I was asked to keep an eye out for the weather as rain was in the forecast.

Our next door neighbour had her washing out and I noticed a few pairs of knickers on the line. There were a variety of colours; white, black, dark blue and a cherry red. I checked nobody was about, hopped over the fence and stole the red knickers.

About 20 minutes later, the front door bell rang. It was our next door neighbour, Sally. In her hand was a photograph from one of those instant cameras. It had me caught removing her knickers from the line. She asked if my mother was in. Of course, she was at work dad had long disappeared from the home.

I replied: “No, and please don’t inform my mother.”

Sally said: “Ok, no problems, but we need to talk about this morning’s incident.” She told me to go next door with her to have a serious talk.

Sally lived with her mother who was out visiting family in Wales on a short holiday.

I followed Sally and was very scared, but she said to sit down in the kitchen while she made us both a cup of tea. Then she sat down on the other side of the kitchen table and started folding the clothes from the washing basket.

When she got to her pile of knickers, she looked at me and asked how long I had been looking at her knickers and whether I liked them.

I nearly fell off the chair. I answered: “I love nylon knickers; they just look wonderful. I must apologise for my theft.” I returned the knickers from my pocket.

She said she would accept my apologies and would not tell my mother. I would be allowed to keep the knickers, but would have to purchase a replacement pair. This was on condition I accept her punishment of a hiding after our tea, and occasionally offer to cut the grass for the next few months.

I agreed with the grass cutting, but was worried about the punishment part. She took my hand and told me to follow her which I did into a sort of office come study-type room. She closed the door then took a chair, turned it around, and sat on it. She told me to go to the desk, open the second drawer down, take out the item I found there, and hand it to her, which I did. It was a large type clothes brush.

I was standing beside her. She told me to remove my trousers, which I protested, but she had quite a strong grip and she removed my trousers for me to discover that I was wearing black nylon knickers. I confessed that I loved knickers and my mother allowed me to wear them at home.

I was put over Sally’s knee and held like a vice. She started spanking with her hand very hard. After a while, she stopped and paused, and then started with the brush. The tanning that followed was the worst thing I have ever experienced. I was in tears and my behind  felt twice it’s normal size. Sally allowed me up.  Boy, was I sore!

I was put in the hallway, which had an L-shaped corner and told to stay put whilst Sally made another pot of tea. Then she sat down in the kitchen, called to me to adjust my clothes and join her.

I was offered a chair with a large cushion, but declined the offer and drank my tea standing. Then the conversation started about knickers and why I love wearing them. Sally purchased a replacement pair of knickers and also purchased a few for me, which was quite a nice surprise.

I visit our next door neighbour to cut the grass sometimes. Sally’s mother is at home but our secret was safe. Apart from a very sore backside for quite a few days, it was a memorable day.