This is a story of me getting a tanned bottom for misbehaving in Tesco, a well-known supermarket in the UK, by my mum in the early 1990s. I was about 7 or 8 at the time, can’t remember exactly what age. Basically, my mum was a firm believer in corporal punishment for me and my three sisters growing up. This certain day, I was in a foul mood all day and being mischievous throughout the day. My mother decided we were going food shopping to the supermarket. I hated food shopping, and my mum knew this. Anyway, in the shop

Around 20 years ago my then girlfriend and I, both aged 15, had to be rescued by lifeboat in the North Sea after swimming to a sandbank we had been told not to go to. After the rescue, and still cold from exposure, we were severely lectured by my girlfriend’s mother back at her house and then she phoned my mum. It was agreed we would both be spanked. I bent first, swim shorts were pulled down and I received a bakers dozen with a leather slipper. Girl friend’s mum was wearing a short beach dress and I could see

I lived in a small town in Alabama. I was 11 in 1971 in the 5th grade and 2nd of five children. I had loving parents who expected myself and my 4 brothers and sisters to behave, be respectful, obey the rules, and stay within our boundaries. As long as we did that, we all had a great childhood. When you didn’t, spanking was the main punishment, sometimes followed by grounding, extra chores etc. My dad was an industrial engineer. He was away frequently on job sites, sometimes for the whole week. He was away this particular week. My mom