This is a memory of the only time my mom spanked me with a belt, and really actually spanked me at all. My dad was away for a couple days due to his job so when I had gotten in trouble for hurting another kid it was only my mom there to deal out any punishment. If my mom punished at all, it was normally having to sit in my room or occasionally she soaped out my mouth. I was 11 years old at the time and I guess she felt, since I caused another kid a little pain by

This is the memory of the worst spanking I ever got. When I was 11, my friend was spending the night and my parents had taken us to Wal-Mart and out to eat. Of course, in Wal-Mart my friend and I were showing off to each other and throwing balls across aisles and stuff at first. I was swatted across the butt by my dad, and we both got yelled at. Fast forward a little bit and I, being a dumb 11 year old, thought it would be hilarious to open a bottle of shampoo and let it run down

I grew up in the 1980s, so spanking was still pretty common. My father was the disciplinarian in the family and was often quick to jump right to spanking when my sister or I got in trouble. From around age 4 till I was about 11, if spanked he would likely use his hand or a belt, but occasionally it would be a switch. From age 11 till my last at age 14 it was more often a belt, occasionally his hand, and again occasionally the switch. When he would use a switch, which was probably about 5 or 6

Annette’s father was posted to a new, very senior Establishment role to one of the former Commonwealth countries in Asia, which meant that the whole family was going to be uprooted. Annette and her sister were both apprehensive and a bit excited about such a big move, especially as it meant leaving their current highly respected school in England and starting at a new school in The Far East. The new school was apparently run by Nuns and was where the vast majority of well-to-do ex-patriots went. Annette’s parents decided the move would take place over the summer holidays which