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January 12th, 2018

Getting Even

We had a system at school for dealing with girls who we considered had been out of order or had snitched on another girl. It was quite simple really. We lined up along the gym wall and formed a tunnel with our hands on the wall and forced her to enter one end and exit the other. She had no choice, she would have been pushed in if necessary and as she made her way to the other end she would be kicked or get her bottom smacked as she passed by. The system was in place long before I started there and the teachers tended to turn a blind eye to it.

One girl who wasn’t well liked emerged rather battered from her ordeal; she hadn’t been quick enough through. The day after, her mother had been in to school and made a serious complaint about it. The day after that, the boys were sent out of assembly and the headmistress stood on the stage. She made it quite clear that the school would not condone what she called a barbaric practice, plus all the girls involved would be identified and caned.

She read out three names and asked them to stand. She then asked for the girls to admit they were part of it by also standing up. Two did, and the rest of us stayed firmly seated. The five of them were sent to her office for six of the cane.

January 5th, 2018

A Typical School Slippering

I was late for biology. Lateness with Miss H had happened for a couple of the girls previously and the resulting bottoms were not something you courted. I ran down the corridor slap bang into my art teacher; the drawings she was carrying flew everywhere. I was very apologetic and helped her pick the drawings up. She knew I was late and delayed me as long as she could before demanding I see her at 4 o’clock.

I scurried along to the biology lab, only to find a line of girls still waiting for Miss H. It occurred to me I had rushed for nothing and now had an after school meeting with my art teacher. 4 o’clock arrived all to quickly for me. It’s amazing how slowly time can pass when you are willing it to speed up, and to my surprise I wasn’t the only one she wanted to see, for there at her door were three other. All were either first or second years. I, a fourth year, must have stuck out like a sore thumb.

We were all called in together and this had me worried. There was no doubt she would slipper me; I expected nothing less, but in front of a boy, surely not. It turned out we had all broken one or more of the school rules that day and our bottoms were going to pay the price. She kept the boy and sent the rest of us out. One of the girls asked me what would happen next.

December 28th, 2017

Cross country

Twice a year we heard the dreaded words ‘it’s cross country today, girls’.

My heart would sink for I hated it. It was a run round the school and its perimeter rather than a cross country. It was something I could easily achieve but didn’t want to. As a sixteen year old, running around the school in your knickers didn’t seem cool so I made the decision to duck into a gap where dustbins were stored. I knew the line would pass the other side on its way back and re-joining would be easy.

I realised idea my was not original when I found myself with a bunch of other girls pulling the same stunt. As the gaggle passed the other side, we blended in one at a time and then ran back to the gym for a shower.

As we arrived back at the gym, the changing rooms and showers were to the right, but Miss Winton, with a piece of paper in her hand, sent me left before ticking my name off her list. I found myself in a line consisting of those who had cheated; how she knew I’ve never worked out but, as the last arrived back, reprisals began.

One at a time, we were called into the gym to bend over the leather buck. Miss Winton’s thick ruler was raised and was soon cracking hard into offending backsides. The usual expectation would have been for her to stop at six, but no, she was making an example of us and didn’t stop until we had all received twelve.

October 3rd, 2017

The Gunpowder Plot

I had been told that by mixing a few simple garden chemicals you could make a gunpowder for home made fireworks, and as we searched Sue’s dad’s garden shed it was obvious that this was just the place to find them.

Weed killer, saltpetre and charcoal were among the ingredients required and all were available in the shed. As normal with two teenage girls, it was not something we had thought through very well as we had no idea how we were going to use the mixture once we had mixed it, plus if the mixture worked, given Sue’s addiction to cigarettes, we were in danger of blowing ourselves into the next world. We were also too busy to notice her dad approaching as we stood grinding down the charcoal to powder and he took us totally by surprise when he entered.
He looked at the chemicals on the bench along with the charcoal and knew exactly what we were up to. We were both marched back into the house, her Dad grabbing a handful of garden canes as he left the shed.

We both knew what was coming and sitting down to discuss it was not part of it. In fact, sitting down was about to be off the agenda for a while.

May 17th, 2017

A girl is slippered again

At break time I reported back, guessing what she had in mind for me as I and a number of girls had been there before. Miss H had a teenage family of her own and made full use of her training when it came to discipline at home, so she kept telling us.

As expected, her own stool, which stood taller than ours, was in position awaiting my arrival as was a slipper which was resting on her table. She never minced her words and with “immature” and “grow up” ringing in my ears I removed my blazer and positioned myself over the stool.

I knew I had only myself to blame and from previous experience knew this lady could seriously sting a girls bottom. On this occasion, I had a short skirt on which could be flipped back.

She pulled back the skirt to reveal my knicker clad bottom and, knowing the slipper would soon be arriving, I gripped the stool harder. I wasn’t wrong. It slapped into my bottom with a frightening slap. I couldn’t stop myself yelling at its intensity.

After slap two I yelled louder and longer before slap three landed. The fires of hell were now burning in my bum and the tears began. Slap four and I was now getting more distraught, kicking my feet and rolling about on the stool.

January 23rd, 2017

Art class slippering

I like many other pupils, I was not enthused by one of my art teachers. She wasn’t particularly pretty, she was overweight and wore horrible long floral dresses with ankle socks and flat leather sandals which she could slip off to wallop the bottom of anyone she deemed to be needing it. Its use was frequent, packed a potent sting and was not solely for boys, as numerous girls, including myself, found out.

In an all-girls art class, I was messing about with two girls opposite. We were throwing a cleaning cloth back and to until I got spotted, just me, not the three of us as it should have been. It didn’t take a genius to work out what was coming; a sore bottom was on the cards for me.

When told to, I placed my blazer on her desk and stood in front of the blackboard while she fastened my skirt to the back of my jumper with a large spring clip. The ‘getting prepared’ ceremony now over, I had to bend over and wait as she lectured the others on how girls should behave before removing the right sandal from her foot.

I’d seen other girls slippered in this manner but this was new to me and boy! When that first smack landed on my left cheek I could feel the tears welling as the sharpness of the sting took effect. The smack of leather across my knickers must have brought joy to the others as they watched me wriggle and squirm and they probably couldn’t wait to see the effect of the next five that were still to come.

January 7th, 2017

A girl gets the Ruler

Twice a year we heard the dreaded words: “It’s cross country today, girls.” my heart would sink for I hated it. It was a run round the school and its perimeter, more than a cross country, and something I could easily achieve but didn’t want to. As a sixteen year old running around the school in your knickers didn’t seem cool, so I ducked into a gap where dustbins were stored, knowing the line would pass the other side on its way back.

Not only was the idea not original, I found myself with a bunch of other girls pulling the same stunt. As the gaggle passed the other side, we blended in one at a time, then ran back to the gym for a shower. As we arrived back in the changing rooms, the showers were to the right but Miss W, with a piece of paper in her hand, sent me left before ticking my name off and I found myself in a line consisting of those who had cheated. How she knew, I’ve never worked out but after the last arrived back reprisals began.

One at a time we were called into the gym to bend over the leather buck. Miss W’s thick ruler was raised and cracked hard into an offending backside. We expected her to stop at six, but no, she was making an example of us and didn’t stop till twelve. As the first distraught girl shuffled out of the gym, the rest of us stared in disbelief of what was to come. The second girl took her place and we all moved one step closer to our destiny, of which we could do nothing but wait our turn.

November 22nd, 2016

Another Caning for Annie

It was history. I was sat at the back as usual for a lesson I hated. This was the last term for we sixteen year olds, before our exams, and Mr Ellis was at his board trying to cram our minds with knowledge. I must have been drifting in my thoughts when there was a crash against the back wall, which brought me back to reality rather quickly. It was the wooden board duster on the floor next to me.

Mr Ellis turned back to his board and, without thinking, I picked up the duster and prepared myself to throw it back. At the point of launch he turned round and saw it travelling back to the front. I was done for and I knew exactly where I was heading next. My unbelieving classmates’ next sight of me would be squirming back in my seat with red tear-stained eyes and a bottom to match, but that would be later.

Mr Ellis was very calm as he told me to stand up and come out to the front. I knew we were heading for a walk along the corridor, and this we did. I was left standing outside the school office for ages. When he reappeared, he walked past me and back towards the classroom. The school secretary came out and she left me standing, hands on head, outside the headmistress’s office.

November 7th, 2016

Annie’s second caning

School always started the same; assembly with the Headmaster on the stage, a hymn, headmaster’s ramblings, announcements, a couple of short prayers and then off to our form room for registration.

It was the middle of prayers when I got the urge to blow my nose; this I did! I blew so hard it could be heard all round the hall. All I could do was act as if it came from somewhere else and luckily we all had our heads bowed. Surprisingly the head just carried on, but when we reached the end of assembly he only dismissed the boys, the girls were to remain until the person who disrupted assembly stood up.

I was totally embarrassed. What could I say? Only a good excuse could get me out of this mess and slowly I, a fourth year, raised myself to my feet. Everyone else was dismissed. It was just me and the Headmaster. He walked over to me and demanded an explanation. Clearly it had to be good, for it was only a short walk to his office (or the Headmistress’s for that matter) and it was a walk I did not want to take. I blamed the outburst on trying to hold back a sneeze and had failed to do so. It was that simple. He was surprisingly satisfied with my excuse and I was sent to registration. Wow! A lucky escape, I thought.

September 15th, 2016

Girls caught fighting and caned

Being caught fighting in the school yard could only lead to one conclusion as myself, my cousin and a more senior girl were soon to find out. I wasn’t in the fight, just trying to help my cousin who was taking a pounding from the bigger girl, but the head didn’t see it that way. I was involved and that was good enough to warrant the cane in her eyes. After a long lecture we were lined up outside her office with our hands on heads, with me last and my cousin second last. Neither of us had been caned before, not at school anyway.

The canings were to be one by one and it didn’t take long for a crowd  to congregate near to her office as we stood there waiting. It was horrendous listening to the proceedings, knowing that I would very soon be the focus of attention and my stomach was tying itself in knots. I already knew the majority of punishments from her were taken touching toes, skirt up and knickers tightly stretched, as opposed to the holding out your hands as happened at many establishments.

Outside the headmistress’s office, it was hard not to hear what was going on inside. I clearly heard the order for the senior girl to touch her toes and, after a short pause, the whistle and crack of the cane. This was followed by the second crack landing. These were received in silence. I was beginning to get the idea this wasn’t too much different to the slipper. After the fourth crack landed to the sound of a light yell, there was a pause and then the girl emerged, tear streaks down her face, and she walked off quickly, though rubbing her sore bottom.