Sometime during the ninth grade, a rebellious streak had come over me, earning me a trip to the principal’s office. “According to the student handbook, which I’m sure you read, the punishment for repeated tardiness is corporal punishment,” Ms Moore, the high school principal, informed me as I stood in front of her desk, my hands clasped behind my back, my eyes drawn to that square, flat wooden paddle hanging on the wall. It had two rows of three holes drilled into it and a rawhide string attached to the handle. “I’m going to give you five swats with the

When I was a child I was a very keen rider. I lived with my parents in Surrey at a village called Fernhurst. We lived in a house called Cylinders and it has a few acres of ground and two stables. I was spoilt in some ways in that I was always bought good ponies and I won a lot of prizes at local shows. On the other hand my parents were very strict and if I was even slightly naughty I got a severe spanking. Initially this was only with their hands over my skirt or jeans but then