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March 11th, 2019

Boy caned for smoking

I lived in Yorkshire, England, as a kid. The following happened in my 2nd year at secondary school when I was 12, which would have been about 1970.

I was walking down the road after school with two friends. I had just started trying smoking, and had one lit.  I never really liked it but the other kids smoked so I did too. Like kids do.

Suddenly the headmaster pulled up in his car along side me and we had a short conversation which ended with him telling me to see him after assembly the next morning.  The other kids had somehow concealed their cigarettes so got away with it.  But after he drove away they enjoyed telling me I would get the whack the next day.

I didn’t have a good night, bit of a worry, but then I knew other kids who had the whack and had survived, so not too bad.

Next morning, I did registration then went into assembly.  After the usual hymn singing, he got up and said he wanted to see me after assembly.

So I joined the queue outside his office, wondering who else would get the whack.  He put me at the back of the queue.  He dealt with the other kids who just had admin stuff, and then it was just me.