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May 12th, 2018

Adult Spanking Event in USA

This is a true story about role play conducted in real life.

I was a Texas public school student in the 1960s and early 1970s. The paddle was very much in use, always over clothes. I was paddled a few times in the early grades and witnessed others paddled. Boys were paddled much more often, but occasionally girls would feel the board too. After entering High School, the only ones who paddled were an Assistant Principal and coaches. In grades 1-8, teachers would sometime paddle students in their classrooms, in front of the rest of the class. I am not sure if it were a written rule or not, but 3 swats (licks) were the maximum.

This story is not about my school experiences. It is about adults role playing actual corporal punishment. I am a spanking enthusiast and I attend spanking parties as a ‘Top’. For the last few years, I have run an event called ‘The Principal’s Office’ at one of the national spanking parties. A female friend, who is also a Top, co-hosts the event with me. She will discipline males and females. I only discipline females. We have a female ‘Bottom’ who acts as our secretary. She is quite good at keeping the students in line and informs us if they have been a problem.

September 28th, 2015

A Family Visit

I did as I was told with some hesitation. My aunt was poised in her armless chair, and I stared dumbly at her uninviting lap which, upon recollection, conjured up the feelings of dread a dead man walking might have. I knew I was helpless at this point and with the final tug of a zipper my shorts practically dropped to the floor.

“Care to tell me why are you being punished today?”

“I disobeyed you.”

“That’s right. Had you simply misbehaved, you would be at your parents’ mercy, but you chose to disobey me. When I’m watching you, you are my responsibility. I hope this spanking will teach you to listen when I tell you to do something.”

My aunt’s hands went to the waistband of my Buzz Lightyear briefs. At this point I was shocked to learn my punishment would be delivered on the bare bottom. A normal procedure for mom and dad but I didn’t realize my aunt would also spank my naked behind like this.

“Look me in my eyes. I want you to remember this.”

As soon as I looked up, from the thumbs that were already looped inside the elastic of my briefs and the humble pile my shorts made at my feet, I could feel the baring process begin.