Whilst all three of us were spanked at home by our mother, I often thought that I was spanked the hardest. I was the eldest and only boy, my middle sister was rather studious and hence rarely got in to trouble, and my youngest sister was regarded as the family ‘baby’, so was treated leniently in my view. My mother had also taken to use the odd implement with me (sandal and back of hairbrush) which she never used on my sisters. We lived in a semi-rural location and my mother had managed to acquire a thick piece of leather

This is a memory of one of only a few spankings I got on my bare bottom. I was 10 years old and had been out shopping with my mom and sister. My sister, who was 7, and I had been at each others’ throats all morning and my mom had enough of it from us after giving us a fair number of warnings. My mom announced when we got back to the car that she and I would both be spanked when we got home. My sister started crying and I just sat there in the car, mad. When

I grew up the daughter of a police officer who, by the time I was 14 when this memory takes place, was a 19 year veteran of the police force and second in command. I was the oldest and always seemed to be the one getting herself in trouble more so than my sister, who is 3 years my junior. My dad was a pretty strict parent and talking back or breaking a rule often would result with being led down to the partially finished basement where we would be spanked with the very same belt that he wore on

This first memory occurred when I was 11 years old. I was spending the weekend with my Godmother, Mary, and her son, Evan, who was also 11. Mary had grew up with my parents and Evan was born just 2 months before me, so he and I were pretty close. It was Saturday and we had asked to go to the library to hang out for awhile. After getting Mary’s permission, we rode our bikes to the library only to find it closed. Now on the way to the library was a park, so we decided to just ride our

My father died when I was four years old and my mother met an Australian who wanted her to emigrate without me, so my story is of what my life was growing up in the sixties on a rough Council estate, bought up by two women who were less than loving towards me. My father had a sister, my Auntie Elsie, who lived with another woman called Joyce. They were Lesbians although at the time I did not know this or what Lesbians were. I went to live with them from the age of six and I never saw my