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March 23rd, 2018

Last three months at the general store

So, I had 3 months left at the general store, and further punishments were given. As the time for me to leave came closer, the owners offered me a contract for 3 years till I was 21. But there was a clause that I had to take punishments. They offered me a good package, and I agreed to it and took my punishment as well.

One day I really screwed up and had a severe punishment in front of customers. I messed up their order. I was taken to the office and made to strip to be given 12 strokes of the belt. The man and woman were asked if they like to administer the punishment. The lady declined, but the man said he would and he did.

As I stood there in just my T-shirt and tangas, I was told to bend over the desk. My T-shirt was pulled up and tangas pulled down, so everything was on view for the world to see. I thought my past punishments were bad but nothing compared to this. I was beaten so hard and got more than 12 strokes. When he’d finished I couldn’t stand up nor move. I had to be helped up stairs where I stayed the night. I was in pain for a week and the bruising lasted for over a week. 

January 12th, 2018

General Store Memory

I was doing a youth training scheme at the time in a small general store with this couple in their late 50s who owned it. They were really strict with me as they told my scheme manager they would be.

I was not 18 yet, so I was still classed as a youth and I’d still be punished as if was at school or home. With this in mind, I behaved and did as I was told for a few months, but then I started making mistakes. Then I got my first punishment from them after they give me 3 chances to improve my work rate.

They took me in the office and gave me a stern talking to before telling me I would receive my first punishment. It would be the belt across my underwear and I would get it once the shop had closed.

5pm came and the shop was shut. I headed to the office for my punishment. I was told to remove my shoes and jeans and bend over the desk to receive 8 strokes of the belt. I took the first 3 well but the last few I struggled with as they used full force across my tanga pants.

A few months later, I again received punishment. This time it was the cane on my bare bottom for being cheeky to a customer.

August 11th, 2017

Spanked in front od Aunt’s friends

I was 14 at the time my Aunt had bought a new house. She had invited her 2 friends around for a couple of drinks and to see the house. I was allowed to play out till 7.30 pm, then I had to be in to get bathed and ready for bed before her friends came.

I was having a great time with my mates. I forgot the time. It was 8.15 when I got in. My Aunt wasn’t happy, her fiends were there too. I was told to go and get a bath and go to the dining room for my punishment. As the bathroom was down stairs in this house I could hear the ladies talking and I heard Mrs H telling my Aunt how she used a hairbrush on her son’s bare backside till it was red raw. Then Mrs D started saying she caned her kids and they never sat for two days.

As I was getting dried, my Aunt shouted for me to hurry up. As I never wore PJs, I only wore a T-shirt and tanga underpants and walked into the dining room expecting four strokes of the belt across my bare bum. My Aunt brought out a cane and she told me to drop my pants and bend over the chair. The following I was not expecting especially in front of her friends.

March 20th, 2017

A boy gets the strap

I was 16 at the time. It was in winter and there was plenty of snow on the ground.  I had been out with the lads and, lads being lads, we all liked a bit of carry on so we starting chucking snowballs at people’s doors, especially this lady who used to chase us around the estate.

Anyway, this night I got caught by her, and she knew my aunt (I didn’t know that at the time) so she took me home and told my aunt what I had done. My aunt invited Ms H in.

The story unfolded on how long this had been going on, so my aunt told Ms H she could belt my backside if she wanted to. My aunt told her that I normally got 4 strokes of the belt. Ms H said I deserved more than four, so my aunt and Ms H both agreed I would get more and Ms H was going to do it.

I was told to go and get the chair and the belt. I came back and bent over the chair without lowering my trousers and underpants.

“Oh no,” Ms H said. “Remove your trousers and underwear. You are going to have the belting of your life!”

So, with trousers and pants removed I bent over the chair. Ms H started and oh boy the first one hit the spot. She put some force behind it and the next 3 too. Thinking it was over, I got up and rubbed my now smarting bum.

November 20th, 2016

Home punishments

I was 10 years old when I went to stay with my mam’s Aunty, who worked part time in one of her partner’s shops he owned. Mam and dad worked full time and were going to send me to boarding school till Aunty Joan said she’d look after me. She lived on her own but Joe would stay at weekends when I was home with mam and dad.

My parents never spanked me; just grounded me, which was enough.

Anyway, after two weeks at my auntie’s I started being cheeky to her. That’s when I was told I had two options; be grounded for four weeks or have my bare bottom spanked. The four week grounding would mean, come in from school, tea, bath, then bed. The spanking would be over and done with and I could go back to playing out with my friends. I took that option.

I was told to go to my bedroom and remove all of my clothes except my underpants and stay there till I was called. I was called to the dining room where she was sitting on a dining chair. She gave me a lecture, then told me to remove my underpants and bend over her knee where she spanked my bare bottom until she was satisfied. Then I was made to stand in a corner for 15 minutes naked.