After Debbie and I were caned for Debbie using a crib sheet, we didn’t imagine we would be back in trouble two months later. Debbie and I played truant to watch a film, ‘Goals’, at the pictures. Our exams were over, and I was due to leave school for university that August, if I got my expected grades. Debbie had her A level year to complete. We wrote each other notes excusing us from school and signed them. Not being in the same class, and school nearly over, we didn’t envisage any problems. The signature was spotted by Debbie’s teacher

It was 1966 and a year to remember for many reasons. I was at Harrow Grammar School, a very strict school but with excellent sport and academic results. Debbie, my girlfriend, was nearly seventeen, a real beauty, and I was in the year above. We had been going out for about six months and we felt very much in love. She was very popular at school with staff and pupils. Corporal punishment was not common, but used when teachers thought it was warranted. Teachers could cane boys and girls on the hands, but I never saw a male teacher cane