Hand or bottom which is worse? It’s often felt by some that punishment on the hand is a lesser option and somehow less painful than on the bottom. I’m not so sure. Up to a time just before my 11th birthday I attended a junior school in an urban district which was under the control of the county education authority. As I was to discover, that school was fairly relaxed. There was corporal punishment, but it was for serious stuff like bullying, fighting, not usually just for talking. It took the form of the plimsoll or the bat. The bat

I attended a mixed sex comprehensive school in the North West of England from 1968 to 1973.  It had an upper and lower school on different sites, with the lower school catering for the first 2 years; those aged 11 and 12 respectively at the start of each year. Until shortly before I attended, it had been a fairly prestigious grammar school and my year was one of the early comprehensive intakes. Many of the students at the Upper School were still from the grammar school along with most of their teachers. The Lower School had been a secondary modern,