I was born in December of 1950. My parents were high school sweethearts and got married the summer after graduation, which was common in those days, and my mother was 19 years old when I was born. My mother’s parents also married young and my maternal grandparents were aged 19 and 20 when she was born. I had been born and raised in Los Angeles, but my grandparents were from Louisiana and had moved to California when my mother was 11 years old. In the spring of 1965, I was 14 years old and was about to learn that my grandparents had an

This is a true story that may seems harsh by 21st century standards, but spanking was very common in the 1960s. In the summer of 1966, I was 16 years old. I had been born and raised in New York City but my mother was from Paris, France. My mother was from a small town in Normandy which I had visited several times throughout my childhood, but that summer I was lucky to be able to live in Paris with an aunt and uncle who let me live with them while I took an intensive French language course at a