This is another account of one of the ones I received in the 6th grade. Besides being the grade in which I received the most from Mr Anderson, it was also the year that my ‘like’ of spankings that began when I was 9 was now fully realized at age 11 in grade 6. Plus, my time spent with my friend David over the summer was a great help in that he showed me how to breathe correctly when getting it and to avoid crying which he said I was a waste of energy and concentration. This incident occurred on

It’s funny how you can tell the amazement factor of how things were back in my era of the 1950s when you compare the ones my age to the young ones of today. The older remember many of the things I describe, while the younger often pass a judgment of backwards, perverted and evil. Actually, a small portion of that did occur, just as it does today, and yes folks got away with more things then but that does not make it a bad time or era. Many are shocked when they hear of how often kids were spanked then

Of all the spankings I received, getting paddled on the bus was the one place I really hated getting it. First, you had a big audience and, second, the swats were fewer but harder. I suppose this was the case because the driver had a schedule to maintain. It was the first week in October 1956, 6th grade. It was a very warm day and I had showered, put my hair in a ponytail (which seemed to have an invisible sign on it that said ‘pull me’ to boys) and put on a pale blue sun dress and blue canvas

This was the 3rd paddling I received during my 7th grade year. The previous year I received 9 but would ultimately only receive 7 for this year. Each time garnered a little more intense sensation than the last, but if only I could talk to someone about it. Why was I like this? Were there other girls that felt similar? It was so weird. The March 1958 morning was just fine. I got up and washed my face and went to the kitchen to eat the eggs and potatoes mom had prepared. I then returned to my bedroom and put

The school year of 1956-1957 was a watershed in my development of this thing, now called a kink, where the inflicting of something that was supposed to be a punishment seemed to have this other fascinating and strange side to it. It was something that required answers to questions that could never be asked in 1950s Arkansas where fundamentalist Christianity was the norm and not the exception. Now with hindsight, a bit of science and a more open society, we now understand more about this phenomenon. Why did this affect me and my friend David, but not my cousin Cathy

This is one of a few accounts of home spankings. These memories are a double sword for me. While I cannot say that I did not find them enjoyable at times, the fact that he was enjoying administering them, as we know now, kind of dampens the mood a bit in retrospect. Unlike the spankings at school, the ones at home were usually directly on the bottom. Although I did not know it at the time, my uncle had a liking for giving spankings, which seems obvious now, but at the time no one imagined such. We found out about this

The fascination with being spanked by Mr Anderson grew over the school break of 1957. Although I did receive a few from mom and Uncle Rob over the summer, they were not as intense and exciting as the ones from the principal. Maybe it was the fact he was not related, he was a bit of a surrogate father figure, and it occurred somewhere other than in a home. I don’t know for sure why it was the way it was, but I knew I that I thought about it often. I rarely misbehaved from a non-event just to get it,

When someone asks: ‘Do you think some of the administrators who handed out corporal punishments enjoyed it?’ my answer would be, ‘No for most of them but definitely yes for a select few.’ Why do I answer so? Because over my 70 years on this earth I have learned a great deal about human nature and some aspects of it are just plain strange at times. Most punishers do see the sexual nature to spankings, but do not act on it. For others, it is more of a power trip than a sexual one and it is both for some

I received three paddlings from the principal during my 5th grade year at school in Flippin, Arkansas. I was, in a way, getting in trouble on purpose to get it because besides enjoying the after effects and the excitement of the actual event, I think the principal was a replacement father figure since my dad had left my mom and my two brothers when I was 5. This particular event was kind of funny because of the frustration it caused Mr Anderson, as you will soon see. It was the Friday before Good Friday in 1956 and my mom had