When my aunt found out I told my cousins she would never spank me, she proved me wrong. This is my ‘you know I will spank you’ Auntie spanking to prove a point and I remember everything like it was yesterday. I was 8 years old, in the spring, and the first spanking from Auntie for me. It was another long weekend that I was staying with my aunt, uncle and cousins Johnny, Patty and Joey, all of who I loved. I was the oldest in my family, but the baby when I stayed with them, and I loved that

I want to submit my story of the first spanking my dad gave me. I call it my Father’s Day spanking because I realized dad would now spank me when I misbehaved. Before this, only mom spanked me and it really wasn’t effective anymore as I constantly acted like a spoiled brat. In all honesty I don’t think what I did justified dad spanking me. I think he used it as an excuse to show me that he would be disciplining me now. I was about 6 years old and it was in the summer. I was wearing a very tight, brief

My most memorable spanking was given to me by my mom, the perfectionist. The house was always in perfect order and clean, her meals were excellent and she was always well dressed. She treated me the exact same way. She gave me a full bath every day and usually dressed me in black and white dress shoes, knee-high socks, dress shorts, dress shirt, jacket or sweater and bow tie. I have many photos of me in this attire. Play clothes were more casual. The problem was that little boys are not that concerned with proper hygiene or appropriate behavior. As

I am the oldest boy out of 3 siblings. In my family, spanking boys was very common. I was spoiled rotten by mom, dad, my aunt and grandmother (Nana) so many times, I acted like a spoiled brat, and was spanked for it from about age 4 to 10-ish years old. There were a couple I felt were unfair, like for not wearing underwear when told it was ok, or not taking the dog out in time. On the other hand, some were very well deserved like smoking cigarettes at 9 years old, or going into a dangerous area. There