In the late 1950s and early 1960s corporal punishment was fairly common. I think all kids looked upon smacked bottoms and the like as an occupational hazard. Girls, especially, often got their legs smacked. I suppose my mother was probably no stricter than many other parents at the time. I’d get my bottom or legs smacked from time to time, just for the normal kids naughtiness. And as I got older mother started taking me across her knee and flipping my skirts up before smacking me, and she also produced an old slipper of father’s which I felt a few

I was born in 1948 into an upper-middle class household in Surrey. Father was a banker in the City, while Mother took care of the house and family. During the 1950s corporal punishment was used in most households and I was punished by Mother on a number of occasions; anything from a smacked bottom, smacked legs (at the time an almost standard punishment for girls), slipperings and, as I got older, in extremely rare circumstances a caning. Apart from a few impromptu smacked bottoms or legs, Mother would make the punishment formal. She always used the word ‘chastised’ and the